I am dying to dive into this episode with one of my good friends in business, Erica, who is the founder of Big Cat Creative. Now if you haven’t heard of Big Cat Creative before, it is a web design studio that helps creative entrepreneurs to build and launch their dream websites, for example, solopreneurs service-based business owners, bloggers, coaches, etc. And seriously, trust me when I say these website templates for Squarespace are next level, they are so amazing! So, make sure that you listen in because not only is she an amazing entrepreneur and CEO but she also is going to tell us more about how she got started with creating passive income. Erica and I had an amazing conversation about how she went from freelancing to offering one-on-one services to her clients in design and then how she transitioned to a purely digital product-based business.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I honestly did! You can listen to the full episode below.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What inspired Erica to jump into entrepreneurship in the first place,
  • How her goal to start freelancing turned very quickly into a desire to run a full-time business,
  • The steps that Erica took to go full-time,
  • And what eventually made her stop working with one-one-one clients and pursue a passive income based business model.


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Creating a Product Based Design Business w Erica Hartwick   Creating a Product Based Design Business w Erica Hartwick