Welcome back to the next instalment of The Empowered CEO Show where I had the absolute pleasure and honour of interviewing the oh-so-amazing, Erin May Henry as she shares all of her wisdom, genius analogies and the essential tools you need to step into being a leader.

Erin is an Australian Youtube content creator and the founder of The Game Changer Co. After receiving the advice during her last year at university that all digital entrepreneurs should focus on building and connecting with their audience, Erin began creating YouTube content which now reaches over 140,000 subscribers with all of her business and mindset videos. Back in 2017, Erin started her coaching business, The Game Changer Co. where she has taught thousands of mission-driven entrepreneurs the skills that they need to develop both a success mindset and how to build a successful business online.

In today’s podcast episode, we take a look behind the curtain of what truly makes a great leader. We talk about how to step into being seen as a leader and not just from an external perspective where others see you as a leader, but also from a mindset perspective where you see yourself as a leader. We also talk about personal branding, mindset, personal development and Erin shares some of her top habits that she believes really come into play when you are stepping into becoming a leader both in your business and in your personal life too.

So, I’m really excited! I’m going to be quiet now and let you enjoy this amazing episode. Honestly, it’s such a good conversation, you’re going to love it!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Erin’s journey starting from a lack of direction to becoming a successful coach, business owner and Youtuber
  • Showing up and being seen as a leader from an external and mindset perspective
  • Why you should master your niche and commit to the lifelong pursuit of knowledge
  • Connecting with your level of impact instead of chasing the numbers
  • And more!


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The Episode Breakdown:

Elley: As you ladies just heard, today I have the incredible Erin with me! I would love it if you could introduce yourself for the people that aren’t familiar with you or have been hiding under a rock. Could you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

Erin: My name is Erin or as I’m known on the internet as Erin May Henry. I am a YouTuber and a Business and Personal Branding Coach. My mission, my philosophy and what I do is, I really want to help people become leaders. Ultimately, I am on a mission to help people spread their message through building an audience, building a community and then building a successful business online.

I have this theory that I am fixated on that the more people that are truly living in alignment with their goals, with their purpose and with what makes them a leader in their own right, the more positivity is spread throughout the world.

As corny as that may sound I truly do believe a lot of people’s stresses and a lot of their feelings of dissatisfaction come from them not living in alignment with the person that they really know that they’re supposed to be. I want to be an example, I want to be a mentor, a friend and a cheerleader for as many people as I possibly can helping them to unlock that potential and spread their message. Now, for some people, that’s going to be on a global scale to millions of people, for others that’s going to be in their communities. It’s not a measure of mass or quantity, it’s a measure of impact. I just want to help people have the biggest impact that they can possibly have in their entire lives.

Elley: I love that you said it’s not about quantity and it’s about the impact because I think especially in business when everything that we do is measured by not impact but we look at the numbers. It’s easy to look at the quantity rather than the actual impact that we’re making.

Erin: Absolutely and I think that causes a lot of pain for a lot of entrepreneurs specifically when they are starting out. I know something that you speak about a lot is becoming the CEO of your own life and of your own business and I think naturally people can gravitate towards that means profit margins, that means growth, that means social media growth but to me when I think about a CEO I think people who are just making other people’s lives better.

I watched a Will Smith clip way back when I was partying all of the time and I just didn’t have any direction in life. In this clip he said “If you’re not making somebody else’s life better, you’re wasting your time” and I really have taken that literally in the way that I do business and the way that I teach other people to do business that it’s all about adding value and as a result the money and the numbers will come like the success will come. Tony Robbins also said the more value you can provide, the more successful you’ll be. If you’re driven by value and if you’re driven by impact the byproduct will be success. When chasing the numbers, you end up chasing your own tail and feeling unsatisfied because the numbers are constantly moving goalposts.

It is also understanding what is your marker of success? Would you rather have five clients that challenge you, that are painful to work with and that make your days hard or would you rather have two dream clients that you could be friends with, that you absolutely adore working with and that light you up? Me personally, I think you’ve got to find the balance between the two or to try and bring those two points together because we’re in for-profit businesses and we absolutely want to grow but are you focusing on growing for the sake of growing or are you focusing on growing with quality?

Elley: Oh, I love that! You are such a ball of wisdom and I could listen to you talk for hours. So, I’m actually curious to know how did you get started in business and how did you get to where you are today?

Erin: It really started for me when I was 22. I was just partying all of the time and going out. My number one value in life was how screwed up am I going to get on the weekend. Basically, I just wanted to just have fun and it’s funny because that’s still what I chase today but in a very different looking way. I was studying at university and a friend of mine introduced me to The Truth by Eric Thomas (look it up!). This was a pin-drop moment for me. This one motivational video gave me the perspective shift that if I do more, I can be more and I have the power to change my life. From there I got into personal development. I started my YouTube channel back in 2014, I graduated uni and started a Social Media Marketing Agency.

Even though I was really good at what I did, I was experiencing something totally different which was imposter syndrome. These feelings of I’m not good enough, what if I take on a new client and I disappoint them? All of these feelings that I think a lot of entrepreneurs have when they first start their business because this kind of stuff you don’t teach. It’s not taught in uni. Being that I had done the personal development work in terms of if I do the work, I get the result, I understood that this is just now a new form of work and I’ve gotta work on what’s going on up here.

To build something successful I needed help and so I hired a coach straight away and I already have my audience there because I was still creating content on YouTube. I flipped over my content from vegan recipes to business content which was a change then just kind of have progressed since there. So I decided to launch a business coaching business and now almost four years later, here I am. I’ve just decided that everything that I do is in the pursuit of fun and if I’m going to make this fun for myself. I have to be so excited about what’s to come and live in that state of excitement, that’s what really gets me through and keeps me going every day.

Elley: Everything you stand for I’m like yes, yes. yes! With mindset, I think it is one of those things where a lot of people go into business thinking I’m going to make money and I’m going to work with clients and it’s going to be super fun but we don’t realise that our mind is going to come up with all the reasons why we can’t. I love that you talk about that in business from this perspective of how can I make it fun and do what feels good but also just enjoying the journey and growing as you go rather than feeling like it’s this big heavy thing. It’s a continual journey and you’re continually growing.

Erin: Every human being is a work in progress. We’re all working towards happiness. So it’s like why not figure out exactly what joy and happiness looks like for you now and I promise you the second that you start chasing that you will start taking better actions and you will start being magnetic. That is what makes you a leader. Somebody that loves life and is passionate about what they do. There is nothing more charismatic, magnetic and enjoyable to watch than someone who just is radiating confidence not because they necessarily are the most confident person in the world but they are just so enjoying the journey.

Elley: How does someone know when they’re ready?

Erin: You’ll never feel ready and there’s always more to learn. I see so many entrepreneurs who are just starting out and they spend 90% of their time working out the details forgetting that if you truly want to be a leader then master your craft and the rest will fall into place. I think so many entrepreneurs have passion and maybe surface-level knowledge in a particular area which is their niche but then they get so clouded by all of the micro-decisions that they’ve got to make in business that they lose their mastery, they lose their muscle and they forget to actually continuously learn. You cannot expect to get paid and to get recognised as a leader if you are not willing to learn the stuff that you need to be able to lead people.

Elley: Start from where you are now and commit to mastery, commit to being consistent and continually growing. I love that you said to really focus on mastering your skill and your craft and then those things just become so much easier.

Erin: If you’re really good at what you do, it will fall into place. The number one thing that will sabotage you is your mindset. I have a very successful business, a large audience at this stage, and now working up to build a million-dollar business and I have realised even in the last two weeks how much more work there is to do. I didn’t realise the limiting beliefs that were there. Personal development is something that you need to constantly, constantly, constantly be doing and the journey never stops.

Elley: It’s one of the things that I teach in my mastermind is money mindset. We talk about limiting beliefs around money which is a big thing. I think sometimes people come in with the expectation that once they clear those limiting beliefs around money they’ll never have another one and I’m like, no. Personal development isn’t always fun. It’s not always journaling and meditation. It sometimes is literally bawling your eyes out realising where a limiting belief came from and being like, holy crap, I get it now and sometimes it’s hard.

Erin: I think what some people do wrong when it comes to personal development is they bring it up to the surface and then they don’t actually do the work so it almost feels more painful. My own personal development has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Elley: It’s very eye-opening and you feel like you’re so vulnerable. It’s such a big part of business and when you’re seen as a leader and when you really step into being that leader, working on your mindset and working through your fears is such a big part of it. Can you tell me in your personal experience as a business owner from where you were to where you are now, what do you believe is one to two habits of an empowered business owner or an empowered CEO?

Erin: Being passionate about what you do is number one. Move your body, get enough sleep, eat healthy and hydrate. I cannot describe how much more energy it’s given me for my business. Take care of yourself and also practice some type of habit to connect inwards. For some people that might be exercise, for some people that might be yoga, meditation, reiki, NLP, journaling, sex, whatever!

There’re so many different things that you can do to feel connected to yourself. If you don’t know how to connect to yourself, you don’t know how to listen to yourself and you’ll never know what those limiting beliefs are. Also embracing space and silence. Get off your phone, go out into nature and learn how to be with your thoughts.

Elley: I love that so much and I love that you infused a little personality trait as well because I think passion is huge. Oh, I could honestly listen to you talk for hours! I guess we will leave it there and I’m sure we will have you back on the podcast one day soon, don’t you worry.


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The Mindset & Strategies You Need to Become a Leader Online with Erin May Henry   The Mindset & Strategies You Need to Become a Leader Online with Erin May Henry