Today, I am speaking with Hannah Murphy who is actually one of my previous 1:1 private coaching clients. She’s such a gem, you are going to fall in love with her.

Hannah has such a unique perspective on productivity. And I’m so excited for you to hear all about that today. We’re going to talk about how to help entrepreneurs to create a profit-focused schedule that eliminates unnecessary task switching, long nights, and never-ending to-do lists.

With so many workers now working from home you also need to have procedures in place to check on their activity so have a look at this remote employee software which enables you to do just that.

And in today’s podcast episode, we are literally diving so deep into productivity and how to really enjoy what you do and how to find a schedule that you love and how to make money whilst not hustling.

So, I’m super excited to have her on the show. And I’m very excited for you to hear her unique perspective on productivity.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Hannah started her business and went from zero clients to 27 clients in six months,
  • How Hannah gets things done without the hustling, even with 27 clients,
  • Why it’s important to have focus when it comes to your to-do list,
  • What context switching means,
  • And more!


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The Episode Breakdown:

Elley: Hannah, welcome to the podcast! Everyone, we’re doing a podcast swap today so I’m actually going to be interviewed on Hannah’s podcast and Hannah is coming on my podcast so make sure you listen to both. Hannah, I know you very well but for the ladies listening that don’t know you, could you share a bit about yourself and about your business?

Hannah: I’m a blog and Pinterest Manager and have been doing that for about 18 months now. I’ve always loved the idea of productivity, schedules and buying stationery for the sake of buying it so through my journey of working 1:1 with clients I started to really hone in on the productivity space within the business world. I felt there was a lot of noise within that space but the advice that was being given, I didn’t really fully gel with. I just wanted to add to the space and so now I do that through membership, through training and a podcast. I love it. I never thought I’d be a business owner but now that I’m here I honestly couldn’t imagine doing anything else. So that’s my story!

Elley: I guess you probably never would have thought back when you first got into Pinterest Management that you would be where you are now running a membership, training and teaching people on productivity. I love, love, love your unique perspective on productivity. Before coaching with you, I’d never heard anyone talk about productivity in the way that you do and I think it’s so unique. But before we dive into that, what actually made you want to start your business in the first place? Did you always love Pinterest? Did you know that you were always going to be an entrepreneur?

Hannah: I honestly didn’t even have a Pinterest account for personal use. So I had no idea what Pinterest was at all. Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher. I’d literally line up my teddy bears on my bed and teach them with my whiteboard. I was so in that space and I loved school. I was in my first year of uni and studying primary teaching and I loved it but I think I’m that kind of person that always needs goals and things to work on. Having space to dream, to work, and to have ideas and outwork them. So I tried a lot of different jobs and it just didn’t sit right with me. Then I was like I’m just gonna learn life coaching. 

During that time I came across someone on Instagram who was a business coach and she posted on her stories that she was looking for a VA. And I was like, what’s a VA? So I Googled it and I reached out to her and got the job! I was so grateful for her because you never want to underestimate the bridges that you get in life. Without her, I literally would not know this space. One of the tasks I had was to take a course in Pinterest and learn about Pinterest for her. Through that I was like this is such a cool platform. You can use keywords and get found, it was awesome. I kind of became obsessed with it. With Virtual Assistance, there are so many things that you can do so I narrowed it down to blog and Pinterest management. Elley, and then with your help from your business coaching it grew really quickly from 3 to 27 clients in six months!It’s funny because it’s come full circle which is really cool.

Elley: It just amazes me and I think the fact that you went from 3 to 27 clients and it all came from Googling what is a Virtual Assistant. So let’s talk about your zone of genius. Let’s talk about productivity because you do it in such a different way. I’ve never heard anyone talk about productivity outside of hustle, get everything done and here’s how to get a million things done in five seconds. I feel like productivity is a big conversation around hustling. Can you share with us a little bit about your journey with productivity?

Hannah: I see two extremes when it comes to productivity. I see the whole, hustle hustle, work work, get those clients booked and get the income goal you want. Then I see the other side of it where it’s like a laptop lifestyle and working two hours a week and making six figures. I’m like, how? For me when I did grow quickly yeah I had to work for it but I felt less overwhelmed with 27 clients than I did with 3. I think that’s a real key indicator that hustle doesn’t equal productivity.

I think a lot of people teach how to be efficient and how to get things done quickly but I rather in my approach teach people how to be effective. So what actually needs to be on that to-do list. Moreso analysing the to-do list rather than just getting the to-do list done. You don’t need to get everything done, you just need to get the right things done that are actually going to grow your business effectively, rather than just being super quick.

Elley: When you’re talking about the way that you do productivity, that it’s more about being effective than it is about being efficient. It’s more about analysing the tasks that are on the to-do list and working out if this is going to move me forward and does it feel good? Rather than here’s my to-do list and what’s the quickest way I can get this done. I’ll time block, I’ll time track, I’ll download this tool and all of those things are great but if it’s not working, what’s the point?

Hannah: Exactly, if it’s just noise to add to the to-do list then why are you doing it. I’m the biggest fan of courses and coaches but at the end of the day, you still need to be the CEO of your time. You cannot outsource your own time. You can do things to make it go faster but we all have the exact same amount of time in the week, which is crazy, no one can add more time and no one can take hours away. It’s like how can you be most effective with the time that you do have.

Elley: someone once said to take what you need and leave the rest. That’s always stuck with me. I’ll take a course that I really want to invest in and I really want to be in it and when I’m in there and it doesn’t feel right, I will take what I need and I will leave the rest. 

Hannah: It’s about not being hard on yourself too. Some podcasts I’ve listened to that I probably don’t implement any of their advice but I just love them as a business owner because they bring so much energy and they help me think of ideas for my own business. This is a fun journey so how can you make this fun, easy and enjoyable for you without this being a huge and massive weight on your shoulders.

Elley: Absolutely! I have a question because I love talking about strategy and mindset. Some of the women that I’ve worked with and even probably me, when we go to take a day off we feel guilty about it or thinking that I’m not being effective or I’ve done this wrong and so we start to judge ourselves. Because I know that’s something that a lot of people really struggle with is the mindset of I should be working. Society has conditioned us to be busy and be working all of the time. Did any of that mindset stuff come up for you?

Hannah: That’s such a good question. I remember days where I’d finish at lunchtime and we’d be watching Netflix and I’d be like, this can’t be right, there must be something else I needed to do. I think for me when that stuff came up it was more around the shame and guilt of feeling like I’m not doing enough for the client or my business is going to fall apart because I’m not working hard enough. Society has really made busyness glorified. What helped me is I am able to show up as my best self for my clients and for others when I allow myself to rest. I’m going to allow myself to have fun and to enjoy what I’m doing and doing it in a way that feels good. I’m also not going to be super hard on myself for just enjoying rest.

Elley: Absolutely and this is what so many people do. We’re all guilty of it. I think it’s something where at the beginning it might be a little bit harder. Everything is when you first start something but it just takes time of questioning and just pushing through.

Hannah: I’ve gotten a lot better at it but now I’m like if I finish by lunchtime that was a good day. I smashed out the work in that short amount of time and I was way more effective in doing it and then I can enjoy the rest. You really do need to address that mindset.

Elley: You’ve really got to look at the route problem because the strategy side is just implementing those things but the mindset side is the fear and the guilt and the shame and the worry.

Hannah: Anytime business becomes really hard and complicated there’s an issue in my opinion. I’m not trying to say that business is easy, because if it was everyone would be doing it. But for the strategy side of it, there’s so much great advice out there.

Elley: I have a question about the people that you’ve helped with productivity and being more effective. Is there anywhere that most people go wrong when it comes to creating a profit focus schedule? We talk about being effective and I know you love talking about how to make it that your schedule is actually profit-focused. It’s moving your business forward, it’s driving income, etc. Is there a common couple of mistakes that people make when they try and do that?

Hannah: Hmm, we could talk for hours about that! If I was to highlight two of the main ones, I would say task switching is a huge problem. What that means is you might be writing out some Instagram captions and all of a sudden you see an email come through from a client. So then you drop everything to reply to that email. Then all of a sudden you have a new product idea that you start working on and creating a sales page for. You’re just constantly switching between tasks. What happens every time we switch, we lose productivity. You might be working and at 100% productivity as you’re doing that Instagram caption, but then it takes you like 20% to switch to the email so now you’re at 80%.

Then the other one, I would probably say, is trying to fit everything into a schedule. Trying to cram as much in there as you can. If your schedule is so jam-packed, no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s about analysing that list and that schedule. So many people ask how do you fit everything into three days and I’m like, I don’t! I just fit the right tasks. I think that’s a huge mindset shift that a lot of people haven’t had when they come to work with me.

Elley: It is a mindset shift to think well maybe I don’t have to do everything because half the time when you look at a to-do list I guarantee there’s probably at least 30 to 50% of tasks that you probably don’t need to do right now.

Hannah: There’s a stat that 20% of the day is spent on important things and 80% of the day is spent on things that have little to no value. It’s so eye-opening. 

Elley: Sit down with a piece of paper and really spend some time thinking about where you are spending your time and ask yourself is this effective and is this helping me move forward? Okay, let’s switch things up a gear. Can we talk about your 1-2 biggest struggles in business so far? 

Hannah: The first is handling unmet expectations. What I’m learning from that is that unmet expectations are actually sometimes more valuable than success and by that I mean it’s teaching me something that I can’t otherwise learn through success. It’s helping me now so that when that success comes I can better handle it. For me, I’ve had to not get emotionally drained or down on myself or go into the spiral of I’m not good enough when something doesn’t go to plan. It’s about handling those unmet expectations daily and continuing to remind myself that I’m not going to let this break me down or make me want to quit. I’m going to handle it and not sweep it under the rug.

The second is clinging too tightly to my business. I love business, I love what I do, I love helping people, I love serving it and I love education. I’m obsessed. But I find that I get really annoyed, frustrated, and anxious if I’m clinging so tightly to my business thinking things like if this client doesn’t sign me then all hope is lost. I’m going very doomsday here. I find as soon as I just release the pressure and be like I am going to do my very best and let the rest happen. I’m going to show up here and I’m going to do my best but I’m not going to cling so tightly that everything that happens has a direct impact on me.

Elley: So many people do this and I always say when you go to set yourself a goal or something that you want to do in business, whether it’s like a launch goal or it’s a piece of content you worked really hard on or if a client reached out and said she wants to work with me – don’t strangle it. If you strangle your business then you’re strangling yourself basically. I love that you said releasing the pressure and doing your best and like letting the rest just happen.

Hannah: I remember talking with someone when I was in high school and she’d moved a lot and I was like how did you do it and what helped you get through that? And she said, I never wanted to look back on a season and regret not having made the most of it. I always think of that. I’m well in this season right now so how can I learn what I’m meant to learn and how can I embrace what I’m meant to embrace and how can I be my best in this present moment. I’m still going to learn from the past, I’m still going to plan for the future and brainstorm for the future but I’m not going to get so focused on the things that I miss. That’s been a huge lesson for me.

Elley: Definitely, hands down. I think it is one of those continuous lessons. You have delivered some HUGE value today and I feel so inspired to go and create my own content! In your opinion, I want to know your top one characteristic personality trait habit that really makes someone stand out as an empowered CEO or as the CEO in their business. If you had to put it down to one thing what do you think it is?

Hannah: Oh, I love this question but also it’s really hard to choose just one! I would say being proactive because I think a real CEO can roll with the punches and accept things that don’t go so well. They also can have the energy to innovate, move, grow and adapt. Being able to see what’s working and keep what’s working. Being proactive in growing and being empowered and stepping into the CEO role.

Elley: I love that so much! It goes across all areas of business practicing growth and innovation. I could honestly keep this interview going for another hour. I’m sure there’s a lot of ladies listening right now that are thinking I need more of Hannah in my life. Hannah, where do they find you on social media and information on your free training?

Hannah: If you’re interested in the productivity side of things, I do have a free training at It essentially helps you to create a profit focus schedule without unnecessary task switching, long nights or never-ending to-do lists. I’m also on Instagram @withhannahmurphy, I love hanging out there. And on Pinterest, withhannahmurphy. I have a podcast as well called Taking Action.

Elley: Yes and I’m just about to be interviewed on that so you’ll have to go straight from my podcast over to Hannah’s. Or if you just came from Hannah’s and you’re here now, hi and welcome! Hannah, thank you so much for coming on the podcast. This was honestly amazing.


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Redefining Productivity & Getting the RIGHT Tasks Done with Hannah Murphy   Redefining Productivity & Getting the RIGHT Tasks Done with Hannah Murphy