Jarrah is a super talented 21-year old CEO, who started her business and went full-time within 6 months. She now has a team of four and will move into her new office space so soon. When Jarrah first started her business, she dove right in and changed her life completely over the course of the past year. This episode will truly show you that you can make it happen.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Jarrah went full-time within six months,
  • How she’s learning to manage her team,
  • And what some of her biggest achievements and challenges have been along the way.

Jarrah is such an inspiration to have achieved so much at such a young age. This episode is sure to inspire you if you’re still working on making the leap from side-hustle to full-time. Listen below.

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The Evolution of Being a Young Entrepreneur with Jarrah Brailey - 1  The Evolution of Being a Young Entrepreneur with Jarrah Brailey