Today, I have a very special guest with me. She is one of my all-time favourite mentors and goddesses – the abundance queen, Jenna Black.

Jenna is a money mindset mentor and a business empowerment coach for visionary and spiritual women. She has mentored thousands of women to rewrite their money stories, and to turn their sole purpose into an aligned and prosperous business and life. 

In today’s episode, Jenna takes me through her journey from health coaching into being a money mindset mentor and business empowerment coach, and how she has dropped the labels around who she is and what she does, and fully stepped into her power – as well as how you ladies can fully step into your power and bring in that next level abundance, money and income that I know you are so ready for! 

So sit back, tune in and enjoy this absolutely incredible conversation with Jenna. Enjoy!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Finding alignment with your sole purpose
  • The magic of opening yourself up to abundance
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs to tap into your truth
  • Trusting yourself and your desires


Tune in to the episode here:

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The episode breakdown:

Elley: Today I have the marvellous Jenna Black with me on The Empowered CEO Show. Welcome Jenna, I’m very excited to have you! For the ladies who don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about who you are?

Jenna: I’m a combination of things, as everyone is, but I am a business coach, a wealth embodiment coach, and a spiritual guide. I work with spiritual visionary women in business, coaches, healers and creative types. I help them to tap into their soul, their purpose and then expand that into prosperity so that they’re creating abundance in their life, in their business and for the world at large.  

Elley: It’s so hard to put into words sometimes exactly what you are, especially in the coaching industry. It’s like trying to condense all of your magic into one sentence or title, it’s just impossible.

Jenna: I know! Sometimes I’ll change my labels or my titles and just go with whatever I’m feeling that day. Sometimes I just want to say, I will change your life, so that’s all you need to know. 

Elley: I love it! So, I want to dive into what you do, because I think it is absolutely incredible and so needed in this world. You primarily work with spiritual women in business who are ready to step into their power and greatness to welcome in abundance. You were originally in health coaching, what made you want to transition to doing what you’re doing now?

Jenna: Health coaching was the first business that I started. I discovered health coaching because I was coming up with my own health issues, and I think that was my intuition and my soul’s way of gently easing me into my spiritual awakening. 

I studied as a health coach, quit my job, but within the first six weeks, I already knew it wasn’t aligned. It wasn’t my thing that I was meant to teach or coach on. The reason I shifted was that, with all of that awakening, I started to realise I wasn’t living out my sole purpose. I was seeing all these fear-driven results in my business of low income, feeling really unsure in myself, lost with who I was, what I was doing, and what I was meant to be stepping into. I realised there were so many years of trauma and healing that needed to be done, and it was quite overwhelming. 

I started going on my own journey of healing and unravelling everything. I feel like we’ve all gone through it in some way, but it’s that period of awakening into who you’re meant to be and who you came here to be. For me, I saw the impact in my business – I was trying to be a health coach but I wasn’t attracting the right people and having low-income months. I was feeling stuck and fearful. I started doing a lot of inner work, healing and working with all different energy healers and business coaches and started opening my mind to what was possible. As I started to create results myself, that was when the word “abundance” kept coming through. I felt really connected to it, so I started my own blog I started writing on money mindset and wealth energetics, and not just financial abundance, but abundance on every level. It took off from there and people started really loving it. 

The more that I worked in this field, the more my soul expanded and lit up. That led me to move into more of the business coaching industry, but with a specific focus on soul activation, empowerment and abundance. And I haven’t stopped.

Elley: What a journey. It’s so interesting because the abundance, money and fulfilment comes when you are in that place of truly doing what feels so right for you. It’s not going to come when you’re out of alignment. 

Jenna: I really think that when you’re in alignment with your true self, and you’re in alignment with your sole purpose, prosperity is a natural flow. It’s beautiful.

Elley: Absolutely. So, I want to pick your brain about money mindset, because I love your take on money and abundance. Why do you think that being yourself and following your desires is such a huge part of business? Why do you think that’s such an integral piece of being able to welcome in money and abundance?

Jenna: I believe that our soul blueprint is already encoded. We have a field of possibilities already available to us through our soul – so anything that we desire, it’s already available energetically. 

When we step into our true authentic self, we shed away layers of limiting beliefs, conditioning and programming, which is often a very deep and messy and interesting journey, but so worth it because you’re releasing what is not in alignment with who you are. You’re shedding other people’s beliefs or energies from your body, mind and soul. With that releasing comes this remembrance of who you are. You tap into that soul field where everything is possible and everything is expansive. You remember that as a soul having a human experience, you are infinitely abundant already. Abundance is who you are. 

It’s about returning to that space and remembering that that is your true nature. I believe that we go through these experiences through childhood and take on other people’s beliefs, and we’re taught different things. We have different conditioning and programming because we’re learning those lessons, and we can remove them to step back into our power.

When we’re in alignment and fully expressing ourselves, we have this unique energetic signature. It’s your soul’s unique blueprint. It’s who you are. And nobody can mess with that. There’s this divine power that comes with that, this magnetism.

That’s why you’ll see someone show up online, and you’re just drawn to them because they’re embodying their fullest self. I really believe that when you’re doing that, you’re trusting yourself. You’re trusting your soul, you’re saying yes to it. It has the blueprint for your success already. Everything is encoded already, everything’s already mapped out there. It’s just about tapping into it, trusting your soul, trusting your higher self, and saying yes, actioning it, and following where it’s leading you. 

Before I stepped into the work I do now, I was super stuck. I didn’t know what I was meant to do. But I kept following the “Yes” and I kept following what expanded my energy. I kept stripping away what wasn’t my truth and what wasn’t my identity anymore. As you release, you receive the blueprint for who you really are, so I just kept following and trusting it. 

I really deeply believe that when you are in alignment with your purpose and who you are, that abundance is just an outcome of that. It just is who you are, you don’t need to go and figure out how to create it. It’s about tuning into it.

Elley: That’s probably one of the biggest things that business owners can get stuck on – where’s the strategy, where’s the magic formula for more money? But it’s also about the energy and trust that you put in. 

There’s probably a lot of ladies listening that know that they’re just so done with the income level that they’re at. They’re ready to step into their power to get back to who they truly are, and bring in that next level of abundance. What do you suggest to those people?

Jenna: Decide. Make the decision. Because as I just said, your soul is already encoded with all the resources and abundance, it has this infinite field of possibility available. It’s about asking yourself, where am I investing energetically every day? Am I choosing to invest my energy into doubt, into fear, into taking action that doesn’t feel good? Or will I choose to invest it into trust, into possibility, into my desire? If you desire more, it is meant for you, it’s available for you, that’s why we desire it. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even receive the desire. It’s about surrendering into that and knowing that it’s available for you.

A really important thing that I coach a lot of my clients on, particularly in my money-specific programs, is around giving that money purpose as well. If you’re at a $5k month and $10k is your next vision, what is the gap? Why do you require that? What’s the intention of that money? We need to give money purpose and intention because money is a neutral energy. It is what we decide it to be. When we give it power and direction and purpose, it has a portal to flow through.

Make it not just about what you desire, but how you can make that about the greater community, your clients and the people that you help. That way, the abundance you receive comes into your life, but you’re also using that to circulate and redistribute. That’s really powerful. We often say we want things, but have you sat down to really embody it and think about why you desire it, or what it’s here to do? It’s got to feel aligned and embodied – like it comes alive energetically in our system. It’s a desire, not just a want or a need. It’s a yes, and it’s more grounded.

Elley: I want to continue down the path of money because I just love everything you have to say on it. When we are trying to embody that next level of abundance and bring in more money, sometimes the ego can come up, with all of the limiting beliefs, past conditioning and societal beliefs. What do you teach clients to help them let go and move through those limiting beliefs?

Jenna: There’s so many different tools that I reference because I think everyone is individual and people vibe with different things. I’ve personally been working with a lot more embodiment practices of tuning into my body when I feel a limiting belief or fear arises, or the ego starts chatting away. How does it feel? What is the emotion coming through? Often, what you’ll find is that it’s usually conditioning or an inner child that is still trying to control the show. It’s about dropping in and saying, where am I feeling this? Where is this coming from? Where did I pick this up from? Does this actually feel like truth when I tap into myself? Or is this just a fear, an ego, conditioning? It’s about stepping back from it, not judging ourselves, but just being curious and open about it. 

One of the more physical tools that I use with my clients is EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). It’s all about clearing the nervous system. Breathwork is also really powerful. You don’t need to have a certification in this stuff to know how to do it yourself, and I actually have a lot of videos on this if people want. Breathwork and EFT tapping are two really great tools to clear the nervous system and create safety in the body for us to clear that limiting belief. So much of the money-mindset talk is all about mindset, but the mindset is really the surface that we want to get to. The body is storing all of the wisdom and conditioning, so we want to clear it from that.

If you have picked up something that is not your truth, you can send the energy back. If you don’t want to send it back to a direct person, you can just say “I send this energy out into the universe to be transformed”, like trying to change it from fear into love. You can then tune back into your soul’s truth instead, and allow intuition to speak to you. The fear and the ego might still pipe up, but you want to quiet that voice and trust. It’s going to take a little while to get used to it, but once you start to do this work, it becomes more natural and you can trust it more deeply. You can embody that new belief, and expand your energy field into that desire. 

I know I’m explaining a really long practice here, but really, what you want to give yourself is the consciousness and awareness that this is a limiting belief. This isn’t my belief. I picked this up from someone, who picked it up from someone else. It’s about saying, “This stops with me, what do I choose instead?” And then doing the work to create safety in that new belief and embody it, so that it becomes your truth. 

Elley: I think what you said is really interesting – that the money mindset side of it is more surface-level, but realising that it goes so much deeper than just the mindset and it does come back to your body.

I have a question that I love asking all of my guests on the podcast. In your experience from health coaching through to what you do now, what do you think would be 1-2 personality traits or habits of an empowered CEO?

Jenna: Number one is that she embodies her own power. She leads herself. So often in business, we think someone else has the answer and the strategy. It’s always outside of us. Whereas my work is all about guiding my clients back in. You can absolutely work with mentors and invest in a team, I am fully all here for that. But your truth, your unique desires and vision will come from within. When you lead yourself and trust yourself, you are saying that this is what *I* believe to be true. This is what *I* am excited to action, this is what my soul is saying yes to and I’m going to leap into it.

Then I think it’s about being really clear, on a practical level, on what is and is not your role. I recently journaled out the top three things that I do. What is my job description? What would my higher self write? I just wrote out three things. It was so simple. But when I looked at it, I realised this is my zone of genius. It’s really just staying in that zone of genius, and then with the resources that you have, investing in a team, outsourcing, even eliminating things that aren’t necessary. 

They’re my 2 things – it’s the embodiment of who you are and leading yourself in that, and then it’s staying in that zone of genius and hiring people to support you in that vision.

Elley: This whole conversation is truly about staying in your power, staying in your zone of genius and focusing on what you are incredible at and having team members that support you. 

I have absolutely loved our conversation, I am so appreciative of you coming on. For all the ladies listening, you can connect with Jenna at the links below. 


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Hope you loved the episode and reach out to me on IG if you want to chat about the episode.


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064. Calling In Next Level Abundance & Money NOW with Jenna Black   064. Calling In Next Level Abundance & Money NOW with Jenna Black