Welcome back to another episode of The Empowered CEO Podcast! Today, I’m speaking with one of the most phenomenal mums in business, Jodie Brett of Dot Com Digital. Jodie is a previous coaching client of mine and she has so much knowledge when it comes to being a mum in business.

For those of you who are mums, this episode is an absolute treat. Jodie has two kids under the age of three and knows what it’s like to run a business with two kids, plus doing things like renovating her home at the same time.

This episode is much fun. Be sure to set aside some time to dive in and listen for the juicy tips that Jodie has for you.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What made Jodie want to start her business and the background of how she got into Social Media,
  • How Jodie grew her business while being a mum of a toddler, while in her second trimester, and when her partner was recovering from surgery,
  • How she kept up with the changes in the marketing landscape as marketing has evolved over the years,
  • And so much more!


Tune in to the episode here:

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