Today we’re talking about one of my favourite things to do, journalling! This episode is a fun one.

Over the last year, I’ve fallen in love with journalling and I’ve had some major breakthroughs and incredible mindset shifts. It has helped me to achieve my goals, magnetise my dream clients, my income, my business growth, and my dream house!

In this episode, I’ll be sharing with you some of my all-time favourite techniques, strategies and tips to help you harness the amazing power of journalling and why you need to start NOW!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Journalling – what is it and why should I do it?
  • How journalling has changed my life!
  • Why being consistent and having a routine is SO important.
  • My 7 all-time favourite techniques to high-vibe journalling goodness.


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The Episode Breakdown:

Hello, my love’s and welcome back to another episode of The empowered CEO Show!

I cannot wait to dive into today’s episode because if you haven’t seen the title already, today, we’re talking about journalling. I really want to share with you some of my all-time favourite techniques that I absolutely love because as you guessed it – I love journalling! Plus I want you to step away from today’s episode feeling super excited to put your pen to paper.

Confession time – I haven’t always loved journalling.

However, over the last year especially, I’ve really fallen in love with it and I’ve had some pretty incredible shifts both in my mindset but also in my reality. From the clients I attract, the money I make, the business growth and audience growth and even the love I have for myself. Every part of my life has changed because of journalling.

A couple of years ago when I first got into journaling, I was really inconsistent and it showed in the results that I was getting as well as in my emotions and how I was feeling at the time. Every time I journalled, I was like on fire and absolutely killing it! But I’d notice that the second that I stopped journalling, I felt like everything was so overwhelming, stressful, my energy levels weren’t right and I couldn’t remain focused or concentrate on anything.

I think a big part of the reason why back when I was so inconsistent with my journalling is because I felt so much pressure to do it. I know that probably for a lot of you, you kind of feel the same way. It’s all the rave at the moment and everyone is talking about journaling and saying how amazing it is (for a good reason) but if you’re like, I don’t know how to do it but I *have* to do It then it just feels like this overwhelming chore.

Journalling definitely requires a perspective shift. Rather than saying I need to do this, or I have to do this you must change your mindset to *I’m choosing to do this*.

I now make sure that it is apart of my daily routine and I do it consistently which has lead to some pretty big breakthroughs and I’ve worked through some really big limiting beliefs. It has helped me to step into that next-level version of me and I *love* journaling because it keeps my energy right on a day-to-day basis. It keeps me focused.

I started journalling back in 2018 which was the year that I turned my blog into a business. I went on to quit my day job and to work in my business full time, just a couple of months after getting my first client. Going through this transition, I realised that there were a lot of limiting beliefs and mindset stuff that was coming up for me. One of the tools that were recommended to me to help with the limiting beliefs, to stay on track, to help with goal setting, etc, was journalling.

So, let’s pick up that positive energy and let’s be super stoked about the awesome techniques I personally use and love and CANNOT WAIT to share with you all!

Disclosure – there’s no right or wrong way of journaling, everyone finds their own way. And I’m sure that even if you try some of these techniques, you’ll probably adapt them to your own life and in your own way. These are journalling techniques that I’ve accumulated all the way back from when I was turning my blog into a business, working in a mastermind with other entrepreneurs, listening to podcasts (just like this one!) and from working with different coaches over the years.

I have 7 techniques to share with you but I also want to add that I don’t do *all* of these every single day. I don’t do 7different journaling techniques per day, I might do one, I might do two, maybe if it’s a mindset Monday, I might do all of them. Who knows! I never pressure myself to do all of them and that’s so very important.

Let’s dive in! Here are my 7 favourite journalling techniques!


#1 Checking-In

This is seriously simple, you guys. And I think this is really important because sometimes we forget to check-in with how we truly feel on a day-to-day basis. Especially when we’re running businesses or we’re mums, we’re partners or wives. Every day can feel like it blends into one monstrous day. Not to mention during the COVID-19 lockdowns! Checking-in with how you feel is actually really important and something you can say either out loud to yourself or write down in your journal.

Asking yourself these two questions:

  1. How do I feel in the present moment?
  2. What do I need?


#2 Intention Setting

Intention setting is setting the intention of how you want to feel. For me, I set my intentions of how I want to feel such as I want to feel calm, content, creative, focused, energised, etc. So really setting the intention of this is how I want to feel today or this is how I desire to feel. Rather than thinking, this is what I want to feel and I don’t have it yet, you’re really putting that emotion into yourself by saying I’m choosing to feel this way now. And then I will go ahead and think about how I want to feel.

The next thing in intention setting is what do I want to be focusing on? This isn’t just from a business perspective either. It’s a sense of, do I want to be focusing on personal growth today? Do I want to be focusing on getting my energy back to where I want it to be today? Do I want to be focusing on getting everything on my to-do list done so I can feel a sense of accomplishment? So, it’s more of a mindset of what I want to be focusing on rather than a task. However, in saying that sometimes I will write down things like, I’m going to focus on up-leveling one of my programmes or focusing on only my clients for the day.

In episode 044, I talk about how I structure my weeks to work 20-hours per week and earn 6-figures or more every year. And in that episode, I was talking about how Wednesdays and Thursdays are usually my client call days depending on the week because I do my private client calls biweekly. So on those days, client calls are my only focus. So maybe that is what I’m writing down.

The last thing for intention setting is what do I want to be magnetising or manifesting? So what do I want to be calling in and what do I want to magnetise to me. Whether it’s clients in a programme, it’s unexpected payments, it’s lots of energy, it’s an unexpected gift, or it’s a massage – it could be literally anything! What would be really fun to receive today? What would be really fun to manifest or magnetise to me today? Put some thought into it and write it down.


#3 Gratitude

Now, you have probably heard all about this one before especially if you’re already into personal development. Gratitude is one of the biggest things that has changed my life, my energy and who I am as a person. Gratitude is so simple when it comes down to how to journal on it. Again, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Gratitude is amazing and it will help you magnetise all those things you wrote down in your intention setting as well because gratitude is such a great frequency to be. Write down what feels good and true to you in the moment.

You can write down things like:

  • I’m feeling super grateful for all my clients and the way that they show up for themselves
  • I’m feeling really grateful for my beautiful home today
  • I’m feeling really grateful for a great night’s sleep
  • I’m feeling really grateful for this amazing podcast that I’m recording


#4 Affirmations

Another simple one, guys. Spend some time writing down some affirmations that are fitting to you and that’s it! I usually like to choose a specific area of my life or my business that I really want to be focusing on. So, let’s say, for example, money. Let’s say that you’re wanting to magnetise more money and you really want to be in the frequency of someone who has 10k, 20k or 30k months and you’re like, I really want to get into that energy. My favourite way to do that is through affirmation journaling. And it’s as simple as literally thinking about whatever your goal is (10k, 20k, 30k months or whatever!) and asking yourself how would I show up and what are the thoughts I would have if this was to be true?

Some of the affirmations you could write down are:

  • I’m having 10k months NOW
  • I’m so grateful to be earning 10k per month
  • I love making money from things that create joy
  • I magnetise money to me when I’m least expecting it
  • I love making money when I least expect it
  • The more fun I have, the more money I make

Choose a topic or choose a subject and just go all-in on it and really think about it from an angle of – if I had that thing that I’m wanting and that I desire then what would I believe to be true? Simply write them down.


#5 Scripting

Now you may have heard of this one before. In fact, I actually have a podcast interview coming up very soon with the gorgeous Rachel Moffett where we talk about scripting a lot more in-depth. So, keep your eyes peeled for that! Make sure that you subscribe to the podcast so you know when it comes out. Otherwise, it will of course be announced on Instagram Stories if you’re following me there. Scripting is something I love doing and it is basically where you write out a script of what you wish to happen or whatever your desire is.

Pro tip – it is important to script it out as if it’s already happened. Thinking about what does it look like, how does it feel, what does it sound like and maybe even what does it smell or taste like? You want to write it down as if you’re writing it whilst you’re doing it. If that makes sense. As an example:

I woke up at 7am today feeling super energised and ready to get started for the week”.


“I would wake up at 7am and I would feel energised, blah, blah, blah.

You really want to write it as though you are actually doing it and it’s not just a future thought process”.


#6 Working through limiting beliefs

Working through limiting beliefs, especially when you’re journaling can be complicated. Let me give you the basic rundown. I truly believe that the easiest way to work through limiting beliefs is to firstly identify one. Secondly, I like to identify where it’s coming from. You do not have to do this, but I personally like it because if it’s a belief that you’ve had for pretty much your entire life, wouldn’t you like to know? I think that diving into it deeper also allows you to really release it and to see where it’s been affecting you in other areas of your life.

So, I like to identify, what’s the belief? Where did it come from? And then I decide why it’s not true. I’ll find reasons why it’s not true and basically call my limiting beliefs out to be the liar that it is. I will always choose a new belief to replace it. So if the previous belief was, I’m so bad at managing my money, I will decide why it’s not true and then I’ll decide what do I choose to believe instead. So I’ll swap it with, I’m getting better at managing my money, I am a good money manager, etc.


#7 Reasons why

Reasons why – that’s literally what I’m calling it. This is something that my part woo-hoo and part analogical brain LOVES. There is a part of me that’s just like, yep, I’m just going to trust the process, I’m going to surrender and I’m going to have faith in it. Then there is a part of me that’s like, okay but let me look at this logically because I need all of the facts first.

For example, let’s say that I’m trying to get myself on board that I’m worthy of having 20k months. I’m worthy of having a fully booked client roster. I’m worthy of having my dream house or whatever it is. What I will do is I will write down reasons why I am worthy and why I’m proud of myself. It could even be reasons that I can achieve my goals. As humans, we so often look at what if something goes wrong. You know, let’s not look at reasons why things could go wrong and instead let’s look at all the reasons why things could go right!

Literally, it’s a one-second perspective shift. I love doing this reason why journaling about why I can achieve my goals and why I can have what I want. I just love that. It’s that more logical side of things, but it just gives me that self-confidence to be like, yep, I agree and I got it!


So that is it for today’s podcast episode! I hope that you loved it as much as I did recording it and I hope that you got some really great techniques and a new love for journaling. Or you just feel excited to get out your journal and your favourite pen to start writing asap!

If you love this, please make sure that you do send me a DM on Instagram. You guys know that I love receiving those messages or even screenshot it, share it on Instagram stories and tag me at @elleymae. That would mean the absolute world to me!


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I love you guys so much! I will see you in the next episode!

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