Today, I have guest expert Katie Scott on the episode, sharing what it was like to leave her job that made her work 45 straight days in a row and told her that she had to put her job first and family second. Katie shares how she was able to leave that job, plus she shares her insight as a financial coach on how you can plan to leave your full-time job to pursue your business.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The defining moment where Katie decided that she would create her own business so that she would never have to sacrifice time with her family,
  • The story of how she made the transition to business owner,
  • Katie’s advice on getting out of a work situation where you feel like it doesn’t line up with your values,
  • What you can do to help with Imposter Syndrome,
  • Why it’s important to feel fulfilled with your business,
  • Why Katie loves the word “budget,” and why business revenue shouldn’t be spent immediately as soon as it hits your account,
  • And one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when it comes to their finances.


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