Talk about an awe-inspiring episode!

Today, I have the high-vibe Katie Wilkinson joining me as we chat about all things mindset, manifestation and limiting beliefs. Including how to replace limiting beliefs by reprogramming your brain. Yep, this episode will blow your mind.

Katie is a mindset and manifestation coach who helps women to overcome their limiting beliefs and create an abundant business. Katie has created a wildly successful online business empire at the age of 22 (um, AMAZING!) and she continues to inspire people all around the globe.

Get ready to step into the next level version of you!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • How to identify a limiting belief
  • Building a business that is aligned and authentic to you
  • Why you *must* brainwash your brain (yeah, you heard that right)
  • How your mindset is at the core of everything you do


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The episode breakdown:

Elley: Katie, welcome to the podcast! I’m so very excited to have you as a guest. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do in business?

Katie: My name is Katie Wilkinson, I’m 22 years old and based in Melbourne. I’m a mindset and manifestation coach that helps women just like you guys overcome your limiting beliefs so that you can build an abundant business that is aligned and authentic to you to help you can create a lifestyle that aligns with the life that you want to live. I absolutely LOVE what I do because I get to talk about my favourite topics – mindset and manifestation all day long.

Elley: What made you want to start a business in the first place? How long have you been in business for and were you one of those people that always knew they were going to be a business owner?

Katie: I was born into it as my parents really loved personal development. When we were in the car my dad wouldn’t allow us to play music because the bad lyrics would affect our subconscious mind. So, we only ever listened to motivational tapes. Everyone in my family is a business owner or an entrepreneur so I knew that’s always been something that I wanted to do. It wasn’t until I turned 16 and I ended up falling really, really ill. I had to drop out of school and I had to really take a step back and reflect on what do I really, really want in life because I felt like I started going down this path that wasn’t quite aligned. I didn’t start a business straight away. I ended up doing online courses and studying Kinesiology, which I absolutely love and I incorporate it into my teachings and into my coaching as well.

Earlier this year on Valentine’s Day, I resigned from my job, which is so crazy. I didn’t have a concrete plan or anything. I was just like it doesn’t align anymore and I know that there’s something more for me out there. My internal knowing, universal download, knowledge or whatever you like to call it was saying to me that I need to speak on the global stage – metaphorically online. I could not ignore it. I put down $4k on an online business coaching course and here I am today in my seventh month of business. It was honestly the best decision ever. It feels so aligned and so often my work really doesn’t feel like work at all because I’m so in love with what I do.

Elley: That’s the best feeling when your work doesn’t really feel like work. So many people go through life almost like robots. They’re doing the same thing as the person before them or the person beside them. It’s not until something hits you which in your case it was something medical and you think holy crap, maybe this isn’t right for me. Before we got on this interview, I was reading through the questionnaire that I sent over to you and you said…

“Mindset and manifestation are accessible to every single person. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or your socio-economic status. You can leverage this inner power today to change your life.”

And I’m like, okay, let’s put that on a billboard. Let’s put that everywhere! Can you talk to us a little bit more about this and why you are so passionate about mindset?

Katie: I really do believe mindset is the core of everything that we do in life. Your actions are a byproduct of your thoughts and your whole life. Your thoughts and emotions create your reality but then there’s the other side of it where you have to think something before you want to do it and so, therefore, your mindset really is the foundation of everything that you do in this world. If I wanted to scratch my head right now, I’d have to think about it before doing it.

So often, our thoughts lead to our emotions and then we act from that emotional state. Our actions are based off our emotions and our emotions are based off our thoughts. So if our mindset is at the core of everything and determines our actions then, therefore, if we really dive deep into our mindset and cultivate a mindset that is conducive of the life that we want to live then we have a lot of control over our reality. That’s why people say, your thoughts create your reality.

I’m also so passionate about it because that’s how I changed my own life. I wasn’t born a master manifester. I wasn’t born with this positive mindset like I actually had a lot of mental health issues around the time of me being physically ill. For me, I don’t believe that there’s one path that any person should take but I was living in such unalignment because I wasn’t focused on my own needs. My mind and my heart weren’t connected and there wasn’t coherence there. At the end of the day, I’m feeling happy and feeling fulfilled and that is a by-product of my mindset. Every single person has access to manifestation because manifestation is to do with the mindset. And so again, it doesn’t matter where you come from or how much money you have, you have that within yourself.

Elley: Yes! When I realised that I’m the one in full control of my mindset and I get to decide how I feel, what I focus on, the people I surround myself with, the results that I get, etc, I found it so empowering. Being a business coach, I find a lot of people will come to me because they didn’t get the client that they wanted, or they didn’t get the sale, or their launch didn’t go to plan. And I’m like, okay, why do you think that is? They will talk about their strategies and I’m like no, no, no, no. Your strategy is fine but let’s look at your emotions. How did you feel? Because so often, it’s this ongoing cycle if you don’t do the mindset work too.

Katie: Yes, exactly. It’s the knowledge, knowing that you created those situations. Once you’ve recognised how you’ve created certain situations in your life and how you’ve created your reality, you are now empowered because you know how to do that on an intentional level. It’s your choice what you want to create.

If you’ve been able to create unaligned opportunities, then you can create aligned opportunities too.

Elley: Yes, yes! Look at it from that perspective of if I can create something that didn’t work, I can totally create something that does work. Let’s dive more into limiting beliefs and how do we identify what limiting beliefs are?

Katie: A limiting belief is basically a belief that you hold about yourself or other people or the world that inhibits you in some way. The key factor here is that it’s a belief, not a fact. I always say to people that if you can Google something and get a direct answer then that’s a fact. You can’t Google, I’m not good enough or I can’t be successful so therefore, it’s not a fact and it’s just a belief and beliefs are self-made.

So, recognising that you set your own rules when it comes to manifestation. Whatever you believe then you are going to receive. That comes back to your belief system as well. It doesn’t matter what is true or what is a fact, the universe doesn’t care. I like to say the universe has no filter. So, therefore, whether it’s a fact or not, you’ve decided that and so the universe plays by your rules.

For example, if I say I have to work hard in order to make money and if I realised that there’s someone out there who’s making a lot of money but not working hard, therefore my belief isn’t a fact because if it was a fact then it would apply to every single person. So really understanding that if I feel this way then is there someone else who is evidence for why that is untrue? That means that it’s just a belief and if that person can have it then I can too. You just need to step into that and adopt the rule that they have applied to their own life because you set the rules for your own life.

Elley: I love that so much! I think some people are more woo where they need the logical side of things but then there’re people that are more logical and need to find the evidence of people that are living the opposite of that belief. What do you love to do to work through limiting beliefs?

Katie: The very first thing to understand is that the limiting belief has formed a neural pathway in our brain and so you can’t just ignore it. You can’t be like, ‘okay I have this limiting belief and now I’ve decided not to have it anymore.’ You’ve formed a habit. It’s kind of like smoking. People don’t just normally stop smoking cold turkey, they’ll wean themselves off it, or they’ll use patches or whatever. Your brains automatically going to go down this neural pathway again, and again, and again so it’s your responsibility to give yourself a healthy distraction in order to divert that habit.

That’s the whole thing with manifestation where attention goes, energy flows. If your limiting belief was, I have to work hard to earn good money which is a very common one, then you need to think what do I actually want? What is the new rule that I’ve decided? You set your own rules. Okay, so my rule is maybe that the amount of money I earn is determined by the value I provide in society. Now you must brainwash your own brain to get this new belief into your subconscious to replace the old limiting belief. You’re reprogramming your brain. The brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. When you imagine something and visualise it your brain releases the same chemicals and the same hormones as if it’s happening. That’s why visualisation is such a powerful tool. Our memories are our own and we can change them. It doesn’t matter whether it was reality or not, you can visualise and replace that.

Another one that I like to do is EFT so this is the Emotional Freedom Technique where you tap on the different points on your body while saying a mantra. This is powerful because it’s moving energy and you’re accessing your subconscious through tapping the specific points. There are so many different techniques that you can do. Those would be my favourite. And journalling!

Elley: One thing that I really want to say that I picked up on during each of those different techniques you mentioned is that you decided to let go of the old belief but you replaced it with a new empowering belief which I think is the one step that is so just forgotten about sometimes.

I always say it’s like when I go into my garden, I see a weed and I rip it out. If I don’t fill in that hole with some healthy soil or another beautiful plant or something that I actually want to grow there then the weeds just going to keep coming back because I keep allowing it to come back. You’ve got to replace it with a more empowering positive belief.

I do have one last question for you and I’m very excited to hear your answer to this. Can you tell me in your personal experience in business and life, what do you believe are one to two either habits or even personality traits of an empowered CEO?

Katie: Yes, I love this one. The two that I would say is to have a burning desire. To have a desire that is more than a want and it is kind of like your soul’s purpose. Recognising that your career is aligned with that burning desire and with your purpose in this life. And then secondly, is persistence because if you have that burning desire and then if you have that persistence to go after it then it doesn’t matter what happens. You need to hold the faith. Faith is not about being happy and good in the good times. It’s in the bad times in which having faith is the most important. The universe is going to test you and you’re going to go through so many hurdles as an entrepreneur. You’re going to be hit down so many times and you’re inevitably going to fail. It is so important that you persist and hold that burning desire and I know it’s going to become a reality and that you will do whatever it takes to get there.

Elley: You’re so right they go hand in hand. Having a burning desire is like motivation, drive, excitement, and passion. Shit will hit the fan, business won’t always go the way you want, you’re going to make mistakes and have failures. It’s that power to get back up again and just keep going. Katie, you have honestly given us so much value! Where can the ladies that are listening find you?

Katie: I have my own podcast which is called Abundant Attraction if you want to binge all my episodes on manifestation. Otherwise, I’m on Instagram @katie.wilkinsonn (with 2 n’s) where I share lots of daily manifestation tips on there. I have a free masterclass called, How to Successfully Manifest in 4 Easy Steps, where I share my signature manifestation method. Recommend checking that out because it will blow your mind – it’s a checklist for manifestation and simplifies the whole process.

Elley: The simpler the better in my opinion. Simply to amplify, that is the vibe we want. Katie, thank you so much for coming on the podcast!


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053. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs To Create an Abundant Business with Katie Wilkinson   053. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs To Create an Abundant Business with Katie Wilkinson