In today’s episode, I have another amazing female entrepreneur with me. Today, I am joined by Lillian Gordon. Lillian is actually one of my private 1:1 coaching clients. She is a web designer and the founder of the Profitable Website Method. She started her business when she was 23, and since then, she has blended her deep understanding of the personal development space, as well as her love and passion for web design to help so many women in the coaching industry and beyond.

She helps her clients to build an irresistible online presence as well as a profitable website, which yes, we are talking about today. In today’s episode, we talk about Lillian’s journey with becoming a business owner with pursuing her dreams of having a freedom-based business, a freedom-based lifestyle, and what that has actually looked like for her. So, it’s gonna be really good for you to hear that part, as well as Lillian’s amazing tips, amazing takeaways, and just so much wisdom when it comes to web design, beyond just having a pretty website.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Lillian got her start in business,
  • Why you need more than just a pretty website,
  • What makes a website irresistible and profitable,
  • One of Lillian’s biggest recommendations for your website copy,
  • And why you need to have an offer before you work with a web designer.


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Becoming a Leader Through Your Website   Becoming a Leader Through Your Website