Today, I have a brand new guest interview for you with Luka Rose – a business coach, speaker, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, host of the podcast The Start Up SHE-E-O and most importantly, a mother to her daughter Wynter Rose.

Luka is a passionate mumpreneur who helps women to create a stronger mindset to support their growth in starting and running their very own 6-figure business. She ensures that women are creating not only their business, but also their life based on their desires. 

I met Luka a few years ago when I did my own NLP certification and I’m so excited to talk with her in this episode. She is just a ball of energy and so amazing to talk to. Luka interviewed me on her podcast as well, so as soon as you are finished here, make sure that you jump over to her podcast to find my interview!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • All about Luka’s inspiring journey and transformation
  • Luka’s wisdom on detachment and worthiness
  • The power of creating space to feel your emotions
  • What it means to truly be yourself in business


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The Episode Breakdown:

Elley: Today, I have the incredible Luka Rose with me. Luka, welcome to the podcast! Luka and I actually met at an NLP certification in Sydney a couple of years ago and I just think it’s so cool that we now get to talk on this podcast. 

For the ladies listening that don’t know you, could you give us an intro of who you are and what you do? 

Luka: I’m Luka, I’m a 25 year old independent mum living in Byron. I’m actually in a huge transition phase right now – I’m a business coach specialising in females in the startup phase in business, however I’m shifting into a holistic approach to business and mindset coaching by including the whole mind, body and soul experience and connection. I’ve just found that my work in that arena is not done so I’m going back into that, which I’m very excited for. 

Elley: It’s such a journey. That’s the coolest thing about business, you can start in one area and then transition to another. I think that’s the beauty of it – as you grow, your business grows with you. 

Luka: One of my biggest things was that I didn’t want to change because I was just really establishing the business coaching. As you know, business is 80% mindset, and I actually suppressed it for a couple of months even though I was already facilitating so much of that. I had all these stories I’d taken on from other people and created within myself – I can’t be successful if I do that, no one really wants that, there’s a bigger ROI on a business coach. That’s not *my* story or truth. I pay $25k for *my* mindset coach, so that’s not even true! 

It’s taken months to get to this point of just listening. I feel like a lot of people get started in one area and then are so afraid to change, but if you evolve, the business is going to evolve. 

Elley: It has to. When you’re coaching or mentoring, you’re sharing your experiences and you’re mentoring from your heart and soul. If your heart and soul aren’t fully aligned with what you’re coaching and mentoring, then your clients don’t get to have the full experience. When you shift and evolve, you’re going to feel more lit up and enjoy it more, so naturally your clients will too. Their results, transformations and breakthroughs will be more incredible, all because you followed your gut and decided this feels better. 

Luka: Completely, I couldn’t agree more. Most of us start and want to run our own businesses so that we have the freedom to follow our passion. Things can change and evolve, and when we hinder that, then we feel like we’re locked in and back at a job doing what we don’t want to be doing! 

Elley: Which is why we quit our jobs and go full-time in business, so that we can get away from that. 

Why did you get started in business? Did you always want to be your own boss and have uncapped income, or did one thing lead to another and you found yourself in business? 

Luka: I fell pregnant at 21 with my then partner, and it was actually a toxic, domestic violent relationship. Whilst I was pregnant, we moved to Tumut, which is about an hour from Wagga, so really rural NSW in the middle of nowhere. I left my job as a beauty therapist to move down there and I just remember thinking, “I don’t want to go back and work for somebody. I don’t want someone else to raise my child, I really want to spend this time with her.” So I began a little salon at home. It was so easy and I was making the same amount of money, I loved it. 

It’s funny when I reflect back on those moments where it really feels like a decision was made. Now I have a deeper understanding of where that comes from, but at the time I had no awareness around that. But at that time, I made a decision that I was never working for anyone again. I don’t know where it came from, it just felt really solid. 

I was 22 when I had my daughter and within 3-4 weeks, my then partner and I had separated and I came to terms with what the relationship really did represent. To give context, it was a really brutal situation, so I left. I was so broke, I was $10k in debt, living 14 hours away from my family, stuff had really just blown up. So within 3 days, I packed my car and just left. 

When I moved back in with my parents, I went through the grieving process of understanding the depth of the rock bottom where I was at – completely broke, not knowing what I was doing, 22 and a single mum, just feeling completely lost. I really had nothing to lose. 

I began looking into the law of attraction and watched the movie ‘The Secret’. It’s a great place to start when you’ve got nothing to lose. I heard about having to be a clearer channel and all the forgiveness work, and started to really become aware of all the healing. 

I began a business with my friend, which ended up as a completely busted, failed business, so then we tried to establish an events business. I barely broke even but I got a huge lesson out of that. 

I went to a free seminar about timeline therapy, hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming. I didn’t know what any of it was but within minutes of being in there, it felt like someone could actually have answers to all the questions that I had – Why me? Why did this relationship happen? How did my life end up like this? I was so drawn in by that, so I thought, “Sign me up, I’m in”. I basically put everything on the line, went down in 2019, met you there, and was certified over 4-5 days. 

On the last day of the course, I remember doing an Instagram live and saying, “Guys, I’m a certified timeline therapy practitioner and neuro-linguistics programming practitioner. I can remove anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and limiting beliefs. DM me if you want this.” Within 2 weeks, I got my first client for $3k and I thought, “Oh my god, I’m doing it.”

It evolved from there. I was specialising in women with trauma and they were getting amazing results and wanting to become certified themselves. I was referring them on but also naturally giving them business advice on how I grew my business so quickly. I was really fortunate to make 6-figures but I have a knack at this, I’m pretty good at it, so I decided to pivot into business coaching. From there, the rest has been history and I’ve been doing this for close to 2 years now. 

Elley: Wow. Firstly, let me acknowledge you and how far you have come in such a short amount of time. It’s so inspiring to see you completely turn your life around to heal and process what’s happened to you in the past. Now you’re at a point where you’re actually helping others to heal and change their life, which I think is the most powerful thing we can do as coaches and mentors. I just want to acknowledge you for that, I think it’s so incredible.

You said that you watched ‘The Secret’ and that you had nothing to lose. Was that a turning point for you? Did you have a moment where you realised that it was up to you to shift and change this? 

Luka: I actually had 2 moments. The first one was when I was driving out of the driveway of the home we were living in. I just remember thinking about my reality and that I was leaving with nothing. I was so disconnected from all my family and friends. It was this moment as I was driving out and thinking, “I will never allow myself to be here again.” I had no idea what that meant, I just knew that nothing about this felt like it fit me and I would never ever allow myself to be like this. 

I then went back home and fell into a depression. I had anxiety and PTSD. I was crying every day and would be angry, then sad, then grieving. I really didn’t have the tools to process what had happened. After about 5 months, I woke up and went to roll over and cry as I normally did, and I remember suddenly feeling like – Stop. The world is still spinning. The sun still comes up every day. The tides are still going in and out. The world has not stopped because you fell into something. 

I feel like transformation happens when you get fed up with yourself. That’s how I felt. It felt like everyone else was happy, everyone else had moved on. *I’m* the one that’s still feeling the brunt of this. I felt annoyed and tired of my own energy and my own self. I thought, “F*ck it, where’s this movie?” I watched it and decided I was just going to commit to it. 

That was a really pinnacle moment for me. I just felt fed up and exhausted from being so emotionally attached to the past and crying. Plenty of things happened after that, but that was the moment where I realised I was sick of being there. 

For those women who are going through anything, whether it’s a similar situation or just a hard time, I’m sure that at one point they’ve had a decision that things are going to be different. That decision doesn’t then make it easy. It’s just something that you commit to. Along that path are ups and downs and moments where you feel like you’re going to throw in the towel. But that commitment decision was a full-body commitment. 

Elley: I love that you shared that because I think sometimes we hear people say, “That was my turning point, I decided I was fed up, and then my life was magical!” But there are still the ups and downs, the struggles and hardships and all the things that come along the way when we are healing. One thing that really stood out to me is the fact that you allowed yourself those 5 months to just feel it. I really think we have to feel emotions to heal emotions. You’ve got to allow yourself to process it, but then one day you have that moment when you’re ready to take back control of your life. 

Luka: Yesterday, 3 years on, I actually went through a process where I realised that there was still a new depth of anger for my situation that I didn’t even know was there. Sometimes the world of personal development focuses on staying high vibration and attracting what’s good, so that unconsciously I felt like I was in a good place but I was actually masking it. 

I see that this process I’m in at the moment is part of the work that I’ll be doing moving forward. There are huge shifts happening in the world and we need more conscious leaders. 

Going through this process is just going through a new layer. On the flip side of that, the polarity is that it’s a new depth of happiness and worthiness. The worthiness piece is the common theme that I see in every woman, I feel like we’re all still going through that. It’s about remembering and coming home to the ultimate truth, which is self-acceptance and love. 

Elley: Other than worthiness, have you noticed common themes with business owners around mindset?

Luka: Comparison and worthiness would be one of the biggest. The way that I see that play out is, for example, last month’s revenue dropped more significantly than the previous month, so what does that mean about my work? I ran this program and got a quarter of the people that I did in the previous one, what am I doing wrong? It’s all back to self. 

But then if it *is* successful, there’s so much attachment to that. When you celebrate hitting a $10k or $20k month, you need to have that same depth of worthiness when you hit a $5k month the following month because you also launched a program or offering that month. 

Business is such an energetic game, so even if you do the same launch twice and the second one’s a flop, it’s not a reflection on you but perhaps the state or energy that you’re in. The attachment to anything is the thing that f*cks us up. For example, “I launched and I got this much, so I’m expecting to get more this time” – that attachment to that is actually inhibiting that from happening because that attachment energy means that you fear the loss of it. 

So much of my work lately has been to detach from it all. I had to go into the depth of – what if I lost it all? I know for me, there were so many parts of me I had so much shame around, such as causing my family so much pain from witnessing that relationship and feeling like the black sheep of the family. I had built this amazing business that’s a 6-figure company and I heavily identified with that. I had this facade that this was who I was now, I’m not that other person anymore. I was projecting that out into the world but ultimately, I didn’t even feel that within myself. Part of that change came from realising I’ve just built a new facade, and asking myself – what does all of me look like? 

I’m super cool with earning a lot of money and living in a beautiful home, but I’m not going to do that at the cost of inhibiting who I am in my fullest expression. 

It’s the journey of asking myself – if I *was* all of me, is that going to be enough to have my business still at the multiple 6-figure phase with staff and clients? Or have they only bought into me because of the facade? 

There’s so much depth to it. It’s so important because it can be detrimental when we build these businesses and then attach so much identity to them. They become our biggest accomplishment, and then we begin to manipulate and mold ourselves to be perceived as the person that fits this and is worthy of this. 

Elley: I think this is where imposter syndrome comes in, where people are going to catch you out and realise you’re not as legit as you say you are. Like you said, it’s where you’ve created this facade that you have to keep up with and you have to keep growing, being better and showing up perfectly. Whereas what you’re saying is that really you need to embrace all of you and who you truly are. When it comes to business, you have to trust that the right people will accept you no matter what because they’re the right, aligned people for you. 

Luka: That detachment piece is at the core of it again. If someone doesn’t like that version of you and prefers the old version where everything was perfectly put together, then you can be thankful for them falling away. You reach a state of ultimate truth where only love exists – their judgment and perception doesn’t exist there. We create space for that to fall away and for new to come in. We have to be the embodiment to attract our dream, aligned clients. 

Elley: It goes for anything in life or business. We can’t welcome in the new if we don’t let go of the old. It’s about saying I need to honour myself, my evolution and where I want to take my business and my life. 

Since you’re such a master with mindset, do you have any key rituals, techniques or practices that you think are just the most phenomenal ways to shift your mindset? 

Luka: Totally. For me, rather than shifting my mindset, I create space to literally feel. There’s often no space in the day to feel what is actually there. I really believe that our emotions are everything. They drive everything. That is how we manifest everything and anything.

Part of my morning routine is creating a strong coherence between my heart and my brain. They are directly connected by the vagus nerve and if the heart isn’t coherent in beat, then the brain can’t be coherent. So if you have anxiety, fear or you’re in a state of survival all the time, your heart rate is incoherent, and therefore your brain becomes incoherent and you make knee-jerk reactions. 

To do this, I do still meditation. For me, I imagine a piece of light coming down through the centre of my head and into my heart, because my intention is to lead with my heart, not with my head. I’ll scan my body for any unease and I’ll literally feel it. Once I’ve felt the depth of it, I’ll always come back to my heart and imagine that the negative emotion transmutes to light and goes straight back up and out of my head. It can go from me because I’ve felt the depth of it. 

Sometimes people are afraid that they’re going to become stuck in an emotion. They don’t want to feel sadness because they don’t want to get stuck there. The only emotions we can get stuck in are called capped emotions, such as fear or anger, and that is because you’re not experiencing that emotion to its depth to find the root emotion. 

It’s not about feeling it with the intention to have it and move on. It’s about feeling the depth of it, having it pass and being happy again, and then maybe in 3 weeks’ time it will come up if there’s still a little bit more in there.

I’ve actually been more intentional in becoming an open channel of what I want to feel in this moment and as a result, I experience more positive emotion. I’ve shifted my perspective on what a negative emotion is because it has such a bad connotation – we’re taught not to feel negative emotions because we’ll attract low vibration things. Sure, if you stay there. But I’m talking about just feeling it for as long as you need and expressing that until it goes. 

A task that I set for my clients was to try carving out an hour each day to just be and to see what comes up. It’s so easy to be busy, to achieve and to be successful, but what is not easy is to truly be with ourselves – without music, a podcast or an Audible. 

Feel what’s there because if you don’t, it’s just going to come out in another form. Just because you want to suppress the emotion doesn’t mean it’s not there. 

Elley: It’s like when the engine light is on in your car – if you just put a sticker over it so that you can’t see it and can forget about it, your car’s still going to end up breaking down because you’ve ignored it. Checking in with ourselves and really being connected to ourselves is at the core of running a successful business. You need to have a true connection to yourself so you can help others. 

Luka: That stillness also creates more awareness. That’s what evolving or consciousness is about – having a deeper level of awareness. 

I want women to come back to their innate wisdom. We all have innate wisdom, we just don’t give ourselves enough space to listen to it. Because of that, we haven’t developed the trust within ourselves to act upon it. 

Build trust within yourself. As a successful business owner, you have to make decisions. Empowered coaching isn’t coming to me to ask, “What should I do?” I want you to feel empowered by *your* choices. You know the answer and that’s your wisdom. I’m here to facilitate the mirror for you to get there. 

In terms of mindset and putting yourself in a place of certainty, a morning routine is so vital. What that looks like for you is completely up to you, but get yourself into a state of certainty by just remembering who the f*ck you are and that you’re doing amazing things. Whatever you have to do to get into that place – go there. 

Elley: Giving ourselves time in the morning is such a great way to build that self-trust and connection to ourselves. 

I love that you give yourself space every morning to just be and process and feel emotions. There’s this misconception that it has to be this huge routine, but if you’ve only got 10 minutes, utilise those 10 minutes. Whatever time you’ve got is the perfect amount of time you need. 

Also, I love that when you’re doing the mindset work, it’s not about doing it for an outcome – yes, we want to shift things so that we can hit our goals and be more successful, but it’s really about releasing attachment. 

Luka: If you want to look for evidence of whether you’re really safe to trust, look at your own life for evidence. When has anything not worked out for the highest good? It can be hard to see when you’re in it, but you’ll find so many examples when you look back. That’s where you’ll find the most certainty on what it is that you’re doing. 

Elley: In your personal experience with growing such an incredible online business, empowering women and even empowering yourself, what would you say are 1-2 personality traits or characteristics of an empowered CEO who is fully trusting herself and loving herself?

Luka: Two words come to mind – authenticity and integrity. 

To me, what authenticity represents is completely honouring your uniqueness and showing up fully in that. 

Integrity is about being the embodiment of what you are teaching and following through with commitments. That ripples down into clients as well – if someone isn’t the right fit, don’t take them on for the sake of it. Acknowledge that what they have is amazing but refer them on if you feel like there’s someone that can help them even more than you could. The universe rewards that tenfold. 

Elley: You’re so right, it’s about embodiment and being our own best client, as well as being authentic in showing up. It makes you a more powerful mentor when you’re still evolving and going on that journey. 

Luka, thank you so much for coming on the podcast today. I love that you’ve been so authentic and transparent with us in sharing your journey. I’m so excited for everyone to follow you, learn from you and maybe even work with you! 


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