Hello my loves and welcome back to another episode of The Empowered CEO Show! 

I’m on cloud nine because today we are talking about two of my favourite topics – creating content and magnetising your dream clients. When you put those two things together, it’s a match made in heaven! 

Content is such a powerful tool for attracting your ideal clients to your business but it can be easy to lose sight of your strategy. What type of content am I creating and why? And most importantly – who is it for? 

In today’s episode, I’m going to share my 4 tips when it comes to creating content that magnetises your dream clients to you.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to create content with purpose and value
  • Connecting with your dream clients
  • Making storytelling your superpower
  • My 4 top tips to magnetise your dream clients with your content!


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Magnetise Your Dream Clients


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The Episode Breakdown:

Today, we are talking about two of my favourite topics – content and magnetising your dream clients

Content is so much more than just content. Sometimes we think of content as posting a pretty graphic with a quick caption and *boom* you’ll be booked with clients! As we then go through our business, we notice that maybe our content looks good, but it isn’t doing anything. Maybe you’re getting a few comments or shares, but where are the clients at?! Why aren’t I booking anyone? Why isn’t my income growing? 

This is where we have to get strategic about our content and think of it in a different way. 

When I’m talking about content that magnetises your dream clients, I’m talking about content that doesn’t just look pretty, but it actually does magnetise your dream clients to you – it attracts them, it appeals to them, it gets them to that point where they want to work with you. 

In other words, we will *not* be talking about the type of content that doesn’t magnetise your dream clients. For example, pretty graphics that have no meaning behind them, people using the same free stock photos that everyone is posting over and over, or posting really irrelevant content – happy donut day, gimmicky things like that. These things don’t allow you to share your story. They don’t allow your audience to know who you truly are. Honestly, it’s a waste of your time creating this type of content, but it’s also a waste of your audience’s time reading it, because they’re just space fillers. It’s not offering any value.

You want to create content that will truly magnetise your dream clients, that are ready to work with you now and not just thinking about it. People who are thinking, “I’m ready. Your content is speaking to me like no other content ever has.” I’m talking about content that does THAT. I’m talking about value. 

So, enough of what not to do with your content, let’s dive into what you should be doing with your content if you truly want to magnetise your dream clients.

Today, I’m going to share with you four of my main tips for this – they’re so easy, your mind is gonna be BLOWN.


Tip 1 – Know your ideal client, inside and out. 

This is a no-brainer, but I do think we all need a refresher in this from time to time. If you want to magnetise your dream clients, you’ve got to know who they are and who you’re talking to before you can truly create content that’s going to draw them in, appeal to them and speak to them. 

Let’s go through the basics of what you really need to know about your ideal client: 

  1. What is their number one goal in life or business right now? 
  2. What are their struggles when trying to go for that goal? Is it mindset, boundaries, strategy, maybe they struggle with planning and productivity? 
  3. What are their daily thoughts when it comes to their goals and struggles?

If you don’t know this stuff, you aren’t going to be able to create content that truly relates and appeals to them. If you’re feeling unclear on their goals, struggles and thoughts, then it’s probably a really good time to do a bit of a refresh! 


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Tip 2 – Speak to your ideal client. 

Now that you know who your ideal client is, the second step is to speak to them and to speak to clients who are ready to work with you now. 

I’m going to break this up into two sections. The first part of this is to do yourself a favour – don’t speak to people that are not your ideal client. Ever. E.V.E.R. Ever.

When you try and appeal to too broad of an audience, you’re actually lessening the chances of your content hitting home with your true ideal client. When you try to appeal to everyone, the issue is that you aren’t targeting your ideal client, you’re targeting everyone because you don’t want to leave anyone out. You’re worried that if you are too specific then no one will resonate. 

Come on, there are 7 or 8 billion people on the entire planet Earth! There’s bound to be a handful of people that relate to your story. 

In the grand scale of things, you don’t need 7 billion people to relate to your story, you don’t even need 3 billion or 3 million people to relate to your story. You only need a small handful of people that go, “Whoa, I get it, I relate to that.” 

When you aim at no one in particular, you’ll reach no one in particular, and you’re not going to be able to magnetise your true dream clients

Now, the second part of this – do not speak to people who aren’t ready, ever. I’m talking about people that are just thinking about it or need someone to convince them that it’s the right step. They’re not the people you want to talk to in your content. You want to talk to people that *know* that they’re going to hire a coach or a service provider.

It’s not about leaving people out that aren’t ready to work with you. You’ll still have people in your audience that aren’t ready yet for one reason or another. It’s about only speaking to the people in your audience who are 100% ready to work with you on whatever it is that you help them with. 

Your ideal client wants to solve their problems and achieve their goals. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. They want to do it now. So you’ve got to speak to that person now.

Think about your language when you create content. To give you an example, if you’re saying “Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a Facebook Ads Manager”, it’s coming from a place of convincing people. Your ideal client *knows* that they need a Facebook Ads Manager, they don’t need you to tell them. When you create content like that, those clients aren’t going to be empowered in making the decision to invest in working with you. 

Shift your language from convincing people why they need you and should invest in working with you, and speak to the people that already know that they want to work with you, and want to do it now. You could just ignore the rest of this episode and take this piece of advice on board – that’s how powerful it is! 


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Tip 3 – Allow your clients to see themselves in you. 

When it comes to magnetising your dream clients through your content, you want to make sure that your ideal client knows that you are just like them. 

When you’re creating content, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of sharing your own story and thinking about your own results. But you want to make sure you’re doing this with intention, from a place of allowing your clients to see themselves in you.

This is where storytelling comes in. 

Storytelling is the most powerful tool, and it’s so easy. It’s sharing who you are, what you love, those moments in time that you faced a challenge or achieved a goal, or that just changed the game for you. It’s not about having the exact same story as other people, but it’s like a mirror – you’re reflecting back to them that you’ve been through similar struggles. 

The point is that you want your ideal clients to see that you are just the same as them. There’s no difference, none of us is born more worthy than the next. We all are as worthy as each other of having everything we truly want, and you’re showing them that through your content. 

Always know the intention of the stories you’re sharing – it still has to have purpose, meaning and give value. Share those parts of your story that relate to what you’re actually helping your ideal clients with. You aren’t helping your ideal clients with something that you’ve never done yourself. You’ve already been through it and achieved it, so share that. 




Tip 4 – Empower, excite and motivate your clients. 

When it comes to talking about your clients’ struggles and challenges, you want to talk about them in a way that empowers them and motivates them to make a change. Don’t throw their problems in their face and make them feel bad about where they’re at. This is where you can use your story to help – you can share your own struggles and challenges, and what changed for you. 

Your goal with all of your content should always be to empower and motivate your audience to make a change, to implement something, to trust themselves, to have a mindset shift, to change their perspective. Even if it’s something small, aim to always motivate and empower them in everything you do. 


Let’s do a quick recap… 

  1. Know your ideal client inside and out. You aren’t going to book your true ideal clients if you have no idea who you’re talking to. 
  2. Speak to your ideal client only. Never speak to anyone who’s not an ideal client, and only speak to the people who are ready to invest in working with you. 
  3. Allow your clients and your audience to see themselves in you. Share your story, be vulnerable, share your struggles and wins, celebrate yourself. 
  4. Empower and motivate your audience. 


Believe me, implementing these few things is going to change the game for you when it comes to creating content that actually magnetises your dream clients

If this episode was helpful and you loved it, let me know! Send me a message or take a screenshot and share it on your Instagram stories. I love reposting them, giving you guys some love and saying thanks! 

Love you guys long time, I’ll speak to you in the next episode. 




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062. How to Magnetise Your Dream Clients With Your Content   062. How to Magnetise Your Dream Clients With Your Content