Today, you are in for a treat, and I am just busting to get in and give it to you. 

Not only are we talking about one of my favourite topics, but I’m answering the questions about it that YOU asked. Today, we are doing a big Q&A on MONEY. 

When it comes to anything to do with money, I am here for it. If you’ve been around the podcast before, then you will know that I just love talking about money – it ties into our beliefs, our mindset, our strategy, our goals, our success, and is just such an important part of business. 

So strap in, get ready, and let’s dive in to some of the juiciest money questions that you want answered.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Overcoming money fears to go from surviving to thriving
  • What it really means to feel “good” about receiving money
  • How to break out of living launch to launch
  • Finding alignment with your prices


Tune in to the episode here:

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103. The Money Q&A - Part ONE   103. The Money Q&A - Part ONE