I am literally bursting through the seams with excitement to talk about today’s topic with you. It’s something that’s going to benefit so many people for days, weeks, months and years to come, because it’s something that we all go through. 

Today, we’re talking about how you can shift your perspective when it feels like you’re not going to hit your goals. Whether it’s an income goal, launch goal, client goal, anything – this is an episode you can come back to over and over. If you’re ever going for a goal and feel like you’re not going to hit it, then this episode is for you. 

I’m going to share with you 3 mindset shifts when it comes to hitting your goals that will shift your perspective and transform your reality. Your perspective is a choice, and today I’m going to help you choose a path that is full of ease, celebration and growth. 

I am ready to absolutely rip into today’s episode, so get ready for some seriously mindblowing truths and let’s dive in!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should live a life of celebration
  • The detective in your brain – and how to make them work for you!
  • How to reframe what it means to not hit a goal
  • The 3 major mindset mindset shifts that will transform your perspective


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The Episode Breakdown:

We all set goals – for example, you’re going into a launch and you want 10 people in a program or you’ve decided that this is the month that you’re going for $20k. But what do you do when it feels like you’re not going to hit those goals? 

It’s an incredibly common feeling, so today I want to talk about your mindset when it comes to feeling like you’re not going to hit your goals. I want this to be a topic that you can come back to over and over again whenever you need until it fully clicks for you. 

Strategically, you can never be on track to hit your goals – anything can happen at any moment. Yes, it can be nice to look at your income or launch and see that you’re halfway through and halfway on track to your goal. But let’s be realistic – how often does your income or a launch look like that? Not very often. Let’s normalise not being on track. 

I want to share with you 3 major mindset shifts that will shift your perspective. Everything is a perspective and what you choose in your perspective creates your reality. 

We can choose to go down the path of stress, worry and doubt – or we can go the other way. So let’s dive in and talk about what that looks like. 


1. Celebrate every win

When it feels like you’re so far away from hitting your goals, the best thing you can do is celebrate every single win along your journey. 

Big, small, huge, tiny – every single win should be celebrated. Don’t wait until you’ve hit the goal to celebrate. You have things to celebrate every single day of your life and business. 

Celebration is a mixture of gratitude and being proud of yourself. It’s not just about celebrating the clients and the money. 

Celebrate the amazing content that you’re creating.
Celebrate the amazing download you just got for the new bonus.
Celebrate the great night’s sleep you had in the middle of the biggest launch you’ve ever had.
Celebrate the fact that you don’t have to work hard for clients to still be coming in. 

When it comes to celebrating clients, every single person who invests in working with you is worthy of being celebrated. 

Here’s what I often see happen – let’s say you go into a launch and set a goal that you want 10 people in the program. 4 people sign up but suddenly you’re thinking, “What’s going wrong? Why haven’t I got 10? Where am I going to get the other 6 people?” In this situation, what you’re forgetting is that there are 4 individual human beings who love you, are motivated and inspired by you, resonate with your message and energy, want to learn from you and have decided that they’re going for it. These are people who have trusted you to help them change their life in some way. 

If you’re focusing on the 6 people you *don’t* have and that you can’t celebrate until you hit your goal of 10, then you aren’t celebrating the 4 people you *do* have who are trusting you with a part of their lives or business. They are so worthy of being celebrated. 

It’s the exact same with money. If you’re going for an income goal, don’t wait until you’ve hit it to celebrate. Celebrate the first payment, and then the second, third, fourth and fifth. Celebrate the $50 payment just as much as you celebrate the $10k payment. 

Celebrate every single win along the way to hitting your goal. If you don’t, then the chances are that when you get to your goal, you’ll get a huge burst of serotonin and dopamine – and then you’ll just drop back down. 

Instead, why not just celebrate every single day and enjoy being in a life where everything is a celebration? 


2. Find proof that it’s working

If you’re someone who loves looking for proof that what you’re doing isn’t working, then guess what – you’ll find so much proof that it’s not working. 

Let me give you a quick brain lesson. Inside your mind, you have a reticular activating system that has one job – to prove you right every single time. Whatever you tell yourself, it will act as a little detective and look for evidence to give you proof that you’re right. If you tell yourself that what you’re doing isn’t working and you’re not on track, it will find you proof of that. 

You can put your reticular activating system to much better use by taking advantage of this little detective inside your brain to find proof that it *is* working. 

For me, I see *everything* as proof that it’s working. 

Every time that someone isn’t the right fit, can’t afford to work with me, doesn’t think this program is for them or says I’m their dream coach but doesn’t follow through, I see it as proof that it’s working. 

What happens then is that I see *more* proof that it’s working. I see people sharing my posts, watching my Instagram stories, clicking my links, liking my posts and reading my emails. I see all of it as proof. 

I could choose to see that it’s not working, but what use is that? That isn’t going to help me move towards my goals and it’s certainly not going to make me feel good, so why waste my time, energy and focus? 

No matter what your goal is, if you look for proof that it’s working then you will find proof that it’s working. That’s how you stay in the energy of believing and having unwavering faith. 


3. If you don’t hit your goals, don’t make it mean anything

If you don’t hit your goal, it’s not the end of the world. You can always try again. 

We place so much pressure and attachment on our goals, which means that when we don’t hit them or it looks like we’re not on track, we start making up stories about what that means about us. You feel like you’re not good enough. You start judging yourself and feeling shame and embarrassment about not hitting your goal. 

What happens then is that you hide. You don’t show up in your power anymore. You hold back from selling. You avoid talking to people about your goals – all because you’re making it mean something that it doesn’t. 

Check in with the truth. The truth is that if you don’t hit your goal, all it means is that you didn’t hit your goal. 

Mindblowing, right? 

You still decided you were going for it.
You still went for it.
You still showed up as that version of you who believes she could do it.
You still did the things and you still sold.
You still learned the lessons. 

Let’s go back to the very first point I shared – why not just celebrate all of that? 

You are closer to hitting your goal now after not hitting it than you were before you decided you were going for it. 

If you don’t hit your goal, who cares? If you go for it again and don’t hit it, who cares? 

You’re learning the lessons, you’re going for it and you’re believing in yourself so much that you’re doing what it takes. 

Resilience is one of the most important characteristics you can have as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is you putting yourself out there for the world to see. There are going to be struggles along the way. There are going to be goals that you don’t hit. There are going to be moments where you don’t feel good enough. 

If you have the resilience to get back up again and get back into business, then there is always tomorrow, next week or next month to try again. 

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re in this for the long haul and you are so much more courageous and brave than anyone could ever recognise you for. 

Celebrate that, find proof that it’s working and don’t make it mean anything if you don’t hit your goal. If you don’t hit your goal, you just didn’t hit your goal – it doesn’t mean anything. 

Release the shame and embarrassment. The only one looking at you like that is you – no one else. 

You are worthy of so much more than feeling bad about yourself because you didn’t hit a random goal that you pulled out of thin air one day – so give yourself some love and celebrate yourself. 




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083. When It Looks Like You're Not Going to Hit Your Goals   083. When It Looks Like You're Not Going to Hit Your Goals