I am so ready to dive into today’s episode. Money is a topic that I love talking about, it just makes me smile from ear-to-ear, so I’m so freaking excited to talk about today’s topic of hitting big income goals.

In this episode, we’ll be talking about why you aren’t hitting your big income goals and how you can change that! 

We’re going to be getting into the mindset, the energy and the beliefs behind hitting big income goals, and I’ll share with you 4 ways that you’re actually self-sabotaging getting to those goals. 

This is going to be an epic episode, so get ready to make some notes because this is going to change the game for you.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you have to name your goals to claim your goals
  • The importance of focusing on the present, not the past
  • How to hold your goal through to the finish line
  • 4 ways that you’re self-sabotaging your own success


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The Episode Breakdown:

Money is a topic that I love talking about. I just love opening up the conversation of wealth, big income goals, abundance and all those sorts of things, especially as badass women just going for it. 

I am so freaking excited to talk about today’s topic of hitting big income goals – specifically, why you aren’t hitting your big income goals and how you can change that. 

Before I get into it, I want to pre-frame this by saying that I’m not giving you business strategies in this episode. If you’re here for strategies, I do have episodes on how to raise your prices and how to create an offer that will get you to $10k months. If you’re interested in strategy, you can check out those episodes, but stick around and check this episode out anyway – sometimes we think that the strategy is what we need, but it’s actually the mindset, the energy and our beliefs. When it comes to the strategy of hitting your big income goals, as long as you are creating the right kinds of content, creating the right kinds of offers and making sure that your prices align with your income goals and how much money you want to make without burning out, then honestly that is enough. 

Today’s episode is around the mindset, energy and beliefs behind hitting big income goals, and 4 different ways that you’re actually self-sabotaging getting to your big income goals. 

These are all lessons that I’ve had to learn. I have done every single one of these and it has stopped me from hitting my big income months, so you’re actually learning the lessons that I learned along the way in going for bigger income goals. These things are so important, but they’re just not talked about enough. 

I want to share these lessons with you and give you the 4 most important ways of self-sabotaging that you should avoid if you want to hit your big income goals. 


1. You aren’t naming and claiming your goals

I can’t tell you how many clients have told me they want to make way more money, but when I ask how much, I get vague answers that make me wonder if they’re purposely trying not to tell me how much they want to make! Some of these women were so afraid to name and claim their goals even to me as their coach – or even to themselves. They were too afraid to admit even to themselves what their income goal was. 

If you aren’t naming and claiming your goals, if you’re hiding your goals – that is a form of self-sabotage. 

I don’t just mean mentally naming and claiming it – you can think it in your head all day long. But if you haven’t *physically* named and claimed your goal to yourself, your coach, your mentor, your mastermind friends, your partner, anyone, then that is a form of self-sabotage and the chance of you hitting that big income goal is very unlikely. 

The reason why I see so many people not naming and claiming their goals is because they’re scared. And it’s okay to be scared. 

But here’s the thing – when you don’t name and claim your goals, it sends out mixed signals. It’s saying that you want to make a lot of money, but you don’t want to say how much or admit to yourself that you want it. It has a lot to do with money mindset and it’s why we have to work through our limiting beliefs around wealth, worthiness and being rich. If we don’t, we are self-sabotaging. 

You may not want to name and claim your goal because you’re scared that people will judge you. I’ve had that fear of telling people that I’m going for this big crazy goal, and they tell me I’m crazy. Well, what’s the issue with that? What happens if that happens? What does that *mean* if that happens? Nothing. It just means that that person’s perception of wealth and abundance is different to mine. 

Here’s the thing – people are always going to judge you, no matter what your goal is. Don’t hold yourself back and self-sabotage hitting big income goals because you’re afraid of what people might think or say. 

Another reason why people don’t name and claim goals is because they’re scared of failing and not hitting it. Who cares! If you go for a goal and don’t hit it, what does that mean? It just means you didn’t hit it, but you went for it and you’ll try again. 

The only meaning that anything has is the meaning that we give it. 

The only meaning that not hitting your income goal has is the meaning that you are deciding to give it. 

If you don’t hit your income goal, you go for it again next month. You learn lessons along the way, go through struggles and have celebrations. It doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough or that you aren’t ready. You have to stop giving it that meaning and you have to start naming and claiming your goals. 

No one ever knows if they’re going to hit a goal or not. There’s always a slight chance that you may not. If you knew that every goal you went for was guaranteed as soon as you decided you were going for it and you were going to get it on the first try – I think that would be kind of boring. 

It’s okay if you don’t hit a goal immediately, but don’t hide your goal because you’re afraid of what people might think or that you might not hit it. 

You have to claim your goals, you have to own your goals and you have to embody your goals. Tell people you’re going for it and say it with full confidence and conviction, even if you don’t know how it’s going to happen. 

You can never really technically *know* that you’re going to hit a goal – but you go for it anyway. 

Write your goal everywhere, with the most powerful, confident, convicted energy and put it everywhere you can see it to be reminded that it’s *yours*. That is your desire, that is your goal – you’re going for it and it’s happening. 


2. You are comparing your past to your future

One of the biggest forms of self-sabotage is when you’re comparing your past results to the present or future.

Let’s use an example. Your goal is to have a $10k month and up until now, your best month yet has been $7k. The worst thing you can do when you’re going for your $10k month is to focus on the fact that you’ve “only ever” made $7k in a month. If your goal is to have a $10k month and your best month ever has been $7k, it’s okay to recognise and acknowledge that, but don’t put your focus and energy on it. 

Where focus goes, energy flows. 

If your focus is on the fact that you want to have a $10k month but have only ever made $7k in a month before, you aren’t focusing on the $10k, you’re focusing on the $7k. You’re putting your focus on the lack and on what you have done in the past. You’re not focusing on the present or the future, and you’re not focusing on the desire of the $10k goal. 

When you let go of fixating on the past, you allow yourself to be fully present and focused on your goal. If you’ve been saying “I’ve been stuck at this income number”, then your first step is to stop saying that you’ve been stuck and to start focusing on the desire, and on the present and the future. 

Be proud of what you’ve earned in the past. Be grateful for it, celebrate it. But don’t dwell on it and bring it into the present and the future. 

Just because you haven’t done it before doesn’t mean that you can’t do it now. Anything and everything can change at any moment. When you are open to anything shifting at any moment and when you’re fully focused on the present moment, you open yourself up to so many more opportunities and ways for money to flow to you. 

Leave the past in the past. I promise you, it’s a game changer.


3. You are giving up way too early

This is a really big one and a really simple one, but it’s one that so many people do. 

Too many people give up too goddamn early. 

Let’s say you’re going for the $10k month and at the beginning of the month you’re thinking, “Hell yes, I’m doing it, it’s happening”. Then suddenly the 4th or 7th or 15th of the month comes around and now you’re thinking, “It hasn’t happened yet! What am I doing wrong? Maybe I set too high of a goal.”

Don’t question the goal. Don’t give up on it way too early. Don’t give up on it at all. 

I can hand-on-my-heart say that I have done this before. I set the goal of a $20k month and felt so excited that it was going to happen. Then in the first week, I had only made $3k and immediately felt like there was no way I was going to have a $20k month this month. 

Well yeah, there is. 

The first time I ever had a $20k month, the majority of the money I received was in the last week of the month. Just like I mentioned before, anything can shift at any moment. 

When you get to that point in time where you feel like you’re nowhere near your goal and you start questioning everything, the worst thing you can do is to give up too early. When you do that, that is a form of self-sabotage. 

I want you to get into the committed energy of seeing your goal all the way through until the very end – until 11:59pm on the last day of the month or the last day of the launch. You need to see it all the way through up until the last second and then hold your goal through the finish line. 

If it gets to the end and you still didn’t hit it, it doesn’t matter. Celebrate and be grateful for what you did make, and then go for it again the next month. Be proud that you’re even going for the big crazy goals and just go for them again

You’re not always going to hit it the first time and that’s okay. If you don’t hit the goal, don’t make it mean anything. Don’t make it mean that it wasn’t the right timing or any of that, let that stuff go. 

No matter when it happens, I know that it will be the most perfect, divine timing, and that you’ll learn the lessons of that goal version of you along the way. 


4. You are settling for less than you desire

You’ve got to stop settling for less than your goal. 

If you said $10k, stick to the $10k. People often think to themselves that as long as they make $7k, they’ll be okay. Tell me if you have ever said something along those lines. 

That is settling. That is giving up. You’re settling for less than you truly desire. 

You can logically know that you’ll be okay, but if you are using it as an excuse to get out of fully going for the big income goal that you desire, then that’s self-sabotage. 

Know your bare minimum that you need to make every month in order to live your best life, but don’t settle on that number

Let’s go back to our example. This month, I’m going for $10k – but I’m not really, because technically I’ll be fine if I just make $7k. So really, $10k isn’t my goal because I’m not sure if it’ll happen. It hasn’t happened in the past. It’s mid-month and it hasn’t happened. I’ll *say* that I’m going for $10k, but I’ll just go for $7k. 

See how these are all coming together? What’s happening is that verbally you’re naming and claiming your goal, but underneath the surface you’re settling and giving up. 

This type of energy is what I would call ‘one foot in the door, one foot out the door’ energy. When you have this kind of vibe, the universe is confused as sh*t because you’re sending mixed signals about what you desire. 

Stop settling for less than you desire. Go for your goals, own them. You can’t step into the person that you have to become to hit that big income goal if you’re only ‘kind of’ committed. You’ve got to be fully all in. 

Now, I don’t mean hustling and burning yourself out – you know me, and that is not what I’m here for! I mean that you need to have the beliefs and the energy of someone who has that big income goal, and then show up from those beliefs and that energy. 

You have to know that what you’re doing is enough and that you aren’t giving up early. You know that you’re capable, worthy and deserving. You’re focusing on the present, and you’re naming and claiming your goal. If you don’t hit it, you don’t care because you’ll go for it again. You’ll do the same thing over and over until you hit it, and you’ll learn the lessons along the way. 


You are so freaking capable of having your best month yet this month – even if life is crazy, even if you’ve got heaps on your plate, even if life seems like a sh*tshow for you right now and there are so many things going “wrong”. You are so capable of having your best month yet and I want everyone to know that. 

Go make more money than you’ve ever made before and enjoy having your best month yet. And if you do have your best month yet after this episode, then make sure you come celebrate with me on Instagram! 




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077. Why You Aren't Hitting Your Big Income Goals (+ How to Change That)   077. Why You Aren't Hitting Your Big Income Goals (+ How to Change That)