This is a bit of a fun one. It’s something that people tend to put on the backburner, but it’s a big part of business all the same – brand photoshoots. 

Your visual branding is so important. You may think it’s not as important as your actual content or the depth of the work that you do, but it’s what draws people to you to see all of that. It’s the way that you represent yourself, your brand and your vibe online. 

Brand photoshoots can feel a little daunting if you’ve never done one (and especially if, like me, you’re someone who doesn’t reeaally love getting in front of a camera!) so today I’m here to take the stress out of the process and give you the step-by-step plan that I use. 

From gathering your inspo to styling yourself up on the big day, I’m going to take you through the full start-to-finish process to plan a brand photoshoot that’s easy, on-brand, grows your business, and is a whole heap of fun at the same time! Plus, stick around till the end for a few extra handy bonus tips to really make your day go off without a hitch.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The best way to create your vision and gather your inspo
  • How to choose a photographer that can nail your vibe
  • Why it’s so important to just have fun with your photoshoot
  • The 8 steps I use to plan my brand photoshoots (plus 4 bonus tips at the end!)


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112. How I Plan My Brand Photoshoots For My Business   112. How I Plan My Brand Photoshoots For My Business