Welcome back to the first episode of The Empowered CEO Show for 2021! Today, we’re kicking off the year by talking all about how to make 2021 your most productive year in business yet. 

There are SO many productivity tips out there, so I’m here to get right down to business and just give you my top 3 tips for becoming the productivity queen of 2021. We’re keeping it super simple as always – you guys know I don’t like to overcomplicate things!

So grab your pen and paper and let’s dive in!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a workspace that inspires your headspace
  • Avoiding ‘shiny object syndrome’
  • The key to working less and earning more
  • Why simplicity is my motto


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The Episode Breakdown:

Hello my loves and welcome back to The Empowered CEO Show! 

Today is our first episode for 2021, which still seems crazy to me – honestly, I feel like last year went so freaking quick.

It’s time to kick off the year, and I thought we’d start with a bang with some of my greatest tips for being a productive boss in 2021!

There are so many tips out there, especially when it comes to productivity and taking action. I want to cut through the noise, filter through the stuff you’ve already heard and just give you my 3 top tips when it comes to actually making 2021 your most productive year yet. 


Tip 1. Work in a space that you love. 

This is a really big one to help me get things done, feel good, feel inspired, show up as the CEO version of myself and really give my clients the best experience that I possibly can. Everything in my business comes back to this, and it’s so simple! 

I’ve always prioritised having a workspace that feels good (even back before I was side-hustling as a business owner). It doesn’t matter *where* you work. You don’t have to have a pretty office. It doesn’t matter if you want to work in bed, on the couch, in the garage or wherever – as long as that space feels good to you

Make sure that your desk is tidy and wiped down, put away the dishes, make sure your sheets are fresh. Natural light is really good for mental health, so make sure you’ve got natural light if you possibly can, or good lighting if you have to work in dark hours. 

Keep it tidy! I’m the biggest believer that a cluttered life equals a cluttered mind. Our physical environment affects our internal environment – a.k.a. when you are sitting in a heap of clutter, that is actually affecting your mental state. 

So make sure that you work in a space that you love. Keep it tidy, keep it clean, and make it feel really good. It’s so simple, but it can have such a profound effect on your mental state. Productivity is more about how you’re feeling than it is about the actual things that you’re doing. 


Tip 2. Keep a running to-do list. 

This is also a super simple tip, but not enough people do this. It’s keeping a list of everything that you think of whilst you’re working. 

When you’re in the middle of creating content and you get an idea for a new program or anything that distracts you whilst you’re working, write it down on a list. As soon as you get that inspired idea or that niggling thing, write it down. 

This is one of the biggest mistakes that I see people making and it’s where a lot of people get caught up in never completing anything. How often have you had a task on your mind, and then you get an email or you see something on TV and it makes you think of something that you’re meant to do – and then you just stop what you’re doing? All of a sudden, you’ve switched tasks. You’ve been sidetracked with everything else that’s coming up. 

Rather than getting caught up in that cycle of never completing anything and switching tasks with every distraction or ‘shiny object’, stay focused and keep a running to-do list of all those things. 

I get ideas every minute of every day. I have a huge running to-do list because when I get those ideas, I write them down and then keep going with what I’m working on. 

Now, just because you write it on a list doesn’t mean it has to be done. In fact, there’s power in writing your running to-do list and coming back to it at the end of the day and asking yourself if it truly feels aligned. If it does, you can make the space for it. But if you look at it and it doesn’t feel right anymore, it can be a really good way of not jumping into things too quickly. 

So write everything down and then filter through it, work out what you actually want to pursue and what you don’t. Keep adding to that list as you go. It’s an incredibly important thing when it comes to not being distracted. 


Tip 3. Only work on the stuff that you need to work on.

Honestly, I could probably just throw out the last two and just give you guys this one. 

Only work on the tasks that you truly need to work on, or want to work on.

I’m talking about not filling your calendar with fluff, not taking sales calls if you don’t want to, not doing podcast interviews past 5pm in the afternoon if you don’t want to, anything that you’re doing in your day-to-day business that you don’t enjoy doing – that is a choice. You’re choosing to do that. 

Sometimes limiting beliefs will come up – I have to do it, I’ve seen other people do it, someone else is earning X amount or is this far along in business and does it, so I should do it too. But you have to let go of that. 

Understanding what actually does need to be done has been a huge lesson for me over my time of being an entrepreneur. There are some things that we don’t enjoy doing, but that we do need to do in business – those not-so-sexy things like setting up checkout carts or automations for email sequences. But there are also things that we *think* we need to do, and we don’t. 

The beautiful thing about business is that you get to create it the way that you want. And that means that you get to work on the tasks that you want to work on, with the exception of those little things that you do need to do. And if you can – outsource these! 

It’s about putting yourself and your desires first. If you desire to earn more and work less, then you need to be specific and intentional about where you’re spending your time. You have to focus on the tasks that are making you money and moving your business forward. Because anything that doesn’t fall into either of those categories doesn’t need to be done. 

Ultimately, everything you do in your business should be moving your business forward. If what you’re working on on a day to day basis isn’t actually helping you to grow your business, bring in new potential clients, make you money, build your brand visibility, and light you up, then… why are you doing it? 

Really start to get in the energy of your CEO-self. Think about CEOs in the corporate world – do you truly think they would be worrying about these little tasks? Or would they be vetting the process, would they only allow people in their space that were committed, ready and dedicated to working with them? 

Truly, that is the key to working less and earning more. Only work on the things that you truly need to work on and want to work on. Make sure that they are moving your business forward and making you money because if they’re not, outsource or eliminate them. 


And there you have it, my top 3 tips for productivity!  

Here’s the thing guys, I have so many productivity tips I could give you – plan out your week on a Sunday evening, use Google calendar to colour-code your business and life, turn your phone off and have laser-focused working time, get up earlier and get more done… There are *so* many different productivity tips out there. Some of them work for me, some of them don’t. 

What’s truly worked for me in terms of getting more done is simplifying


Let’s recap my 3 tips and think about it… 

  1. Work in a space that you love – free of physical clutter. 
  2. Keep a running to-do-list – free of mental clutter. 
  3. Work only on the things that you need to work on and want to work on.

Simplifying is what’s going to get you to the point where you feel like you’re being more productive and accomplishing everything you want to do. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is taking on too many things. That’s where so many people, especially early on in business, can get stuck.

If you are looking for some really great time-management tools to help you, then I have an entire episode about this – check out Episode 056. The Tools I’m Using To Run My Six-Figure Business

If you have any questions for me on simplifying your to-do list, please reach out to me on Instagram. I’m so excited for you to have 2021 as your most simple yet productive year yet!




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063. How to Make 2021 Your Most Productive Year In Business Yet   063. How to Make 2021 Your Most Productive Year In Business Yet