In this episode, I’m talking all about raising your rates. This episode was inspired by a beautiful woman, Jade, who actually messaged me on Instagram one night after reading a post that I had on my feed earlier that day.

I talked about how I initially charged around $2,000 for my three-month private 1:1 coaching package. And how over time I’ve got up to $10,000 for my six-month package. And how now at the time of recording, I am currently signing clients at a $15,000 Australian investment.

In this episode, I’ll share with you 3 mindset shifts that you’ll have to make in order to raise your rates and still book clients.


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In the Instagram post, I talked about how I really had to get my mindset on board as I raised my rates, strategy-wise. It’s simple to raise your rates, right, but mindset wise, it’s a whole other game.

Anyway, Jane messaged me and said, “Last night, reading your post about charging less than $3,000 for your coaching, it struck a chord in me. Thanks, for your honesty.” She spoke about her experience. And she said, “I know I’m charging too little, but I just can’t bring myself to lift my prices. Every time I do, I get people telling me on strategy calls that it’s too expensive. I know it’s tough at the start but knowing where you started and where you are now, it makes me have a lot more hope for the future. Thank you.”

So, thank you, Jade, for that message. Thank you for the conversation we had. And of course, thank you for inspiring this podcast episode because this is now here because of you.

So, I wanted to record this episode for you all because I know that this is something that so many of you face when you want to raise your rates. You know that fear and uncertainty. And for some of you, maybe even when you are raising your rates, you’re noticing that no one’s buying and then you’re like “oh shit now I’ve got to put the rates back down or I’ve got to somehow create a new package because no one’s buying it.”

Or you’re thinking that no one wants to pay me that much. You guys, here’s the thing and you’ve probably heard me say this before, but I will say it again until the day I die, you have to get yourself on board first. If you have doubts that people will pay your newly raised price, of course, you’re going to attract people who also have doubts, right?

That’s just the way it works.

When Doubt Sets In With Raising Your Prices

I’ve raised my rates in the past. A lot of my clients have raised their rates in the past. We get off a coaching call with our own coach or we create a strategy that gets us all psyched up and we’re like “I’m gonna do it I’m gonna raise my prices!”

But then you’re like, “Why is no one booking? Why is no one paying me for this? I wanted to raise my rates, should I maybe not have? Did I do it too soon? Was it not the right price? Am I targeting the wrong person? Should I change something? Should I lower it? Should I do a discount? Should I discount the next few people? What should I do? It’s obviously wrong, right?”

But the reason why we attract the people who have doubts about our prices has nothing to do with those people. It’s got everything to do with you.

So, if you have doubts that people aren’t going to pay for your new rates, that people aren’t going to pay your raised rates, then, of course, you’re going to attract people that will also have doubts.

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ow to Raise Your Rates & Still Book Clients   ow to Raise Your Rates & Still Book Clients