The long wait is over & my podcast, The Empowered CEO Show, is now officially on air!

In this first episode, I explain a little more about how I help aspiring female entrepreneurs as Mindset & Business Coach. You’ll learn about what I hope to bring to this podcast with each episode, as well as the evolution of my business over the years.

Here’s a closer look at the breakdown of what I speak about in this episode:

  • My plans for The Empowered CEO Show, including what I’ll talk about on an ongoing basis, plus a little about the guest experts that I’ll have on in the future.
  • The background of my journey & how I got to where I am now, including the moment that I decided that I would no longer work for anyone else EVER.
  • What I do now in my business, including who I serve and how I help.

I cannot wait to share more about my journey with side-hustling, personal development and business with this podcast. Listen to episode one below, and don’t forget to leave a review if you liked it! 

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