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Today, I have one of my mastermind sisters on the show, Tara Hewson. Tara is a business coach who helps ambitious coaches and service-based entrepreneurs to create, launch and sell out their online programs with ease.

Tara was booked out 6 weeks into starting her own coaching business and scaled her business to hit multiple five-figure months within her first year as a CEO, which is incredible. Not to mention the $32k launch she had during a global pandemic!

In this episode, we talk about Tara’s business journey from resume writer to business coach, the must-have mindset shifts needed to sell out your programs, what you should do during a pre-launch period, why you must follow your instincts in business and so much more.

Have an online program, thinking of launching an online program or just generally want to feel so freaking inspired? This one’s for you.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Tara’s $32k launch during a global pandemic.
  • How to create a profitable online program.
  • The secrets to a successful launch.
  • Why it’s okay to repeat and recycle your content.


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The episode breakdown:

Elley: Today, I have the amazing Tara Hewson joining me. Tara, thank you so much for coming on the podcast. Can you give us the usual intro of who you are and what you do?

Tara: I’m a business coach and I help coaches scale to consistent five-figure months through launching online programs. I really like to delve into the strategy side of things; however, I feel like I also have that real sort of energetic balance as well. I’m the perfect mix of strategy and woo.

Elley: When did you get started in business? Have you always been in the coaching realm? Did you start in a different niche? Give us a bit of your background.

Tara: I started back in 2017 as a freelancer. I was 36-weeks pregnant when I started and I also had an 18-month old daughter. So, it was a pretty crazy time! I just knew what I had to do and I didn’t want to wait any longer.

I started out as a resume writer as my background is in Human Resources in the corporate world. I was writing up resumes on the side mainly for friends and family in the beginning. So I had my resume business and I also did some Virtual Assistant work on the side such as proofreading, taking notes for coaches programs, and stuff like that which is when I started to think, hmm, I would love to coach one day but I had no idea what that would look like for me because I didn’t have the skills to coach because I was a resume writer. I made the decision to jump in and within six weeks of launching, I was fully booked and making more than what I was when I was working full time. Women were reaching out to me asking how did I get started with a business working from home and that they would love to be able to do that sort of thing. I wanted to help mums find work that’s flexible and works around their kids. I wanted these mums to have the confidence to do this for themselves. So that’s how it all started!

So, I created my first program on how to become a Virtual Assistant and I launched it with no real strategy apart from showing up online and talking about it to the audience that I had grown which was mainly mums who were looking for flexible work. I made $8k from that first launch and that was absolutely mind-blowing to me! That was my first $10k month which was just under 12-months after I’d started my business as a resume writer.

In the beginning, I got caught up a little thinking that I needed to keep creating new programs because I’d see other people doing that and at the time I was really overwhelmed from it. I started to work with a new coach and she really helped me get into a new mindset and we worked on having a real strategy behind how I was launching because when I first launched my programs, I didn’t even have an email list. The next time I launched, I was aiming for a $15k launch and I had a $25k launch instead and I was just like, oh my god!  From there, I’ve just refined everything and I’ve launched those two programs over and over and over again.

Elley: I feel like so many people listening can relate to that. In the early days, I remember following someone who is amazing but she would launch something brand new every two weeks. Brand new, not something old. You can absolutely repeat and recycle the programs and content that you already have.

Tara: Exactly! The thing that I found is that when you launch a program time and time again, it builds that momentum, and people start to learn and know you for that program. It literally starts to sell itself. It’s much easier too as you’ve already done the hard yards the first time around, so yes, reuse content! It made me feel like my business was so easy, so inflow, and that I was staying in my genius zone instead of trying to do what I thought I needed to do.

Elley: I’d like to talk about the $32k launch that you had during the global pandemic COVID-19. I think this is a perfect example of what can happen even in such a crazy time in the world. So tell us about that! What did it look like?

Tara: The program is called, Resume School and I decided that I was going to launch it in March 2020. I had everything organised and I had been promoting with a challenge because I use a challenge as the lead magnet to get people in. I was so ready to go and then the global pandemic hit.

It felt like everyone online was saying that you can’t sell high ticket products now, even though my program isn’t necessarily high ticket. Even my business bestie messaged me asking if I’m still going to go ahead with the launch because it’s uncertain times. I thought, well I’ve planned and prepared for this and I’ve got people waiting for me to do it so I decided that I just have to go ahead with it. I’m going to let go of all expectations of what it’s going to look like and I’m just going to show up and to hold myself accountable to that. I’m going to give my all and if it’s going to work out, it’s going to work out.

The first day that I opened the doors, I had ten people enrolled within 24-hours and nine of them paid in full. It was eye-opening and it really showed me the importance of when you set your goal and you said that you’re going to go out and do something then you need to stick to that and hold the goal no matter what it looks like. It then went on to be a $32k launch, which is my best launch to date.

Elley: Wow, that’s amazing! It’s just incredible that you had this plan and you were locked and loaded ready to go but you could have turned around and said no, I’m not going to do it because everyone’s telling me that I shouldn’t be selling right now. You then ended up having your biggest launch to date! That’s just proof of what happens when you do stick to your goal. I love it.

Let’s get into strategy. Can you share with us some behind the scenes, tips and tricks on how to actually create an online program? What’s the first step that you think someone needs to take when it comes to creating a program that’s actually profitable?

Tara: Great question! The most important thing when you are choosing and deciding on a program that you’re going to launch is that you believe in the program 100%. You need to be behind that program and you need to be in love with it because if you aren’t in love with it, no one else is going to be. You’ve got to really be in that energy and loving what you’re doing. You need to know that it’s something that your audience wants or that somebody wants and then build your audience around that.

Elley: I am like wholeheartedly on board. You MUST be fully on board with your own program and love it inside and out for your audience to feel the same way.

Tara: When you create a new program, ask yourself is this something that I would buy? And if the answer is no, then you need to go back to the drawing board. When pricing your program, ask yourself, would I pay this amount for the program? Because if you are not willing to pay that price then you can’t expect your audience to and it will be harder to sell if you can’t get behind it because you’ll feel out of integrity in doing so. Another important thing to ask yourself is would you buy this program for who you are being right now. So the person that you were showing up as online, how you’re promoting your program, how you’re talking about it – would you buy it from you?

You must believe in yourself as well because there are so many programs out there and there’s going to be somebody else on the internet who has a similar program to yours. We can get really stuck in comparison. But I think it really comes back to believing in yourself and believing in the fact that the way that you teach is going to be different from how other people teach and the right audience and the right clients are going to be drawn to you.

Elley: Yes, yes, yes! Having the belief not only in yourself but in the program is so important because there are a bajillion other programs, coaches and service providers out there. What would you say if I threw you on stage right now and said to give me 1-3 tips on how to launch successfully?

Tara: The number one thing that I think a lot of people skip over is a pre-launch period. If you’re somebody who’s new to the coaching industry, it’s the first time you’re launching a program, or if you’re switching niche, then a pre-launch period is the best way to go. Warming up your audience, bringing new people into your audience and attracting the right people.

What I like to do is to put out a PDF lead magnet that leads straight into my program. So, I’m bringing people in, I start to change the content that I’m sharing online to be focused around what I’m going to be selling and I really dedicate that time to showing up, giving value and getting to know my audience. It’s just so important when people feel like you care about them. You’re asking them questions like what do you need help with? I then like to do another freebie right before I open the doors and that’s generally a three to five-day challenge.

Elley: Every time that we create a piece of content that nurtures the audience, even if it is selling, people are getting closer and closer to the point where they’re ready to join.

Tara: It also allows me to detach from the results of how many people are signing up. People will sign up when it’s the right time for you and for them. It’s not our responsibility to convince them to join your program. I want it to be a hell yes from my audience. Not have to convince them because that’s not going to be a good experience for anyone.

Elley: I’m really excited to hear your answer to this next question that I love to ask all of my guests. What are the habits or personality traits of an empowered CEO in your opinion and experience?

Tara: I love this question and I knew it was coming because I listen to your podcast!

Number one is self-belief. You need to be empowered and believe in yourself. I feel like when you start a business, no matter what stage you are in business, it is the biggest personal development journey you’ll ever go on. Your business is only going to grow as much as you do so I think that your self-belief mindset is just so, so important and it has to be a priority.

Number two is that you need to be able to connect your vision to daily tasks. As a CEO, we need to be able to see the big picture as the visionary of our business. Even if we outsource, we still need to be able to connect that those daily tasks are going to be taking us towards that big vision we have. What is the big picture? What are we working towards?

Elley: Oh, I love that. They’re great answers! I’m sure the ladies listening have just fallen in love with you and want to know more about you so please tell us where can they find you and connect?

Tara: Come and join my Facebook group! It’s called Abundant AF Female Entrepreneurs and my Instagram handle is @iam_tarahewson.

Elley: Thank you so much again for being on the show and everyone, go connect with Tara. She is honestly so amazing!


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