Today, I have a brand new guest interview for you that I am SO excited for, with my amazing business mentor and coach, Taylor Lee. 

Taylor is a 7-figure business coach for women who want to tap into their full potential in business. After crossing 6-figure months (not 6-figure years, but 6-figure MONTHS) the same year that Taylor had her first baby, she now shows other women how simple and fun business can really be. Taylor’s clients regularly work with her to cross $20k and $50k months in their own businesses by utilising her support with energy, mindset and content. She is honestly just a wealth of knowledge and has changed my life tremendously, so I’m so excited to bring her to you guys today. 

In today’s interview, we talk about money, mindset, energy, little perspective shifts, and how Taylor balances her 7-figure business with being a new mum – and all at 25 years old. 

If you enjoy this episode, make sure you go check out Taylor’s Instagram and her podcast, where you’ll see yours truly appearing in an interview very soon!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • What to do if you’re feeling “stuck” on your income level
  • Why you should never forget to be your own hype woman!
  • Taylor’s simple mind-blowing perspective shift to DOUBLE your income
  • Taking your power back by simplifying and focusing on what you truly love


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The Episode Breakdown:

Elley: Today, I have my amazing mentor Taylor Lee with me. Welcome to the podcast, I’m so excited to have you! For the ladies listening, could you please give us the usual spiel of who you are and what you do?

Taylor: I’m a business mentor. I help coaches and service providers to scale their businesses to anywhere they want – 6-figures, even 7-figures. I work with my clients on a mix of mindset and energy, as well as simple marketing and content. 

Elley: Did you always want to be a coach? Could you give us an overview of how you got into coaching?

Taylor: I think it’s so interesting that a lot of us don’t feel good enough when we start coaching. We feel like, who am I to be in this space? Because there are definitely a lot of incredible women out there. But we can all trace our stories back to see how everything led you to where you are today. 

I can literally trace it back to high school. I was in PE class with a guy that broke up with me, so I begged to take any other class. I switched into TV production and went to university for journalism and advertising. The teachers started dropping this word – freelancing. Then, very synchronistic, a YouTube video pops up about ’10 ways to make money online’.

I started freelancing and did that for about 1.5 years. At the time, it was expected that you charge hourly for your work but talking to your clients on the phone was free, so at that point, I was coaching my clients for free for over an hour a week. I started having clients who were coaches and I thought, wait a minute, I’m strategising and coaching with you guys! So I started my own coaching business and got into it.

Elley: It’s funny, at the time you don’t see what’s unfolding until you look back. It seems unrelated until you tie it all together.

You’ve had some pretty incredible successes since starting your coaching business. You’ve gone from $20k to $50k months last year and then doubled it again. Last month, you had a $150k month! That’s USD, which is $193k AUD. In my eyes, you basically had a $200k month!

Let’s backtrack to when you were making $20k-$50k a month. I know you felt like you were “stuck” at $20k for a while. How did you get “unstuck” from being at $20k and get to that $50k? Could you share a glimpse of that journey for us?

Taylor: I had to change how I saw it. I’m 25 and started coaching at 20. To give a little background, I was stuck at $20k for about 3 years. Most of my coaches have been 8-10 years older than me and they would tell me, “You’re so young, don’t be so stressed about this, you have so much potential ahead of you.”

I would hear, “You’re so young, you don’t get to have what you want, you’re crazy for thinking you can get there, you should just slow down.”

I had a lot of shame around it. I felt bad about being stuck there. It wasn’t until my coach, Amanda Francis, told me – “I don’t see you as stuck at $20k, I see you as someone who stabilised at $20k.” I made $20k easily every month and had been doing it for a long time, and she told me there was nothing bad about that. It’s funny because I was marketing myself as really proud of my consistency, but internally I had shame around it. I felt like I was stuck and I couldn’t do more. So I had to accept that I was actually in a really good place.

It’s important to put it into perspective – yes, you can grow and you can double, triple or quadruple your income, but you’re not going to do it feeling bad about where you’re at.

Elley: I’m sure that most people can relate to feeling shame and embarrassment, whether it’s with income or not getting the sales or clients. Feeling bad about it is only going to amplify you feeling worse about it.

What advice would you give to anyone that does feel “stuck” at their current income level?

Taylor: The best thing you can do is be your own hype man or woman. Hype yourself up and remind yourself who you are and how incredible you are. You’re a badass, you need to be able to tell yourself that. You’re running a business! That’s hard and it’s mentally challenging. There will be ups and downs. Be proud of yourself for even being willing to be that brave and face those challenges.

Everyone, no matter where they’re at in their business, is doing stuff most people don’t even want to do because they know they’re going to have to change who they are. They’re going to have to grow and get uncomfortable and be vulnerable, so most people don’t do it because it’s scary.

I think we’re chronically not proud of ourselves, and we just really need that.

Elley: We need to celebrate ourselves more. So many women celebrate other women and other people, but forget to celebrate themselves. You’ve got to be your own number one cheerleader.

Taylor: People also say a lot of – I got a client, BUT. I had a good month, BUT last month wasn’t that great. Things are moving forward and getting better, BUT not compared to last year.

Stop with the buts!

Be proud of yourself. Celebrate every little thing, regardless of what the celebration is because that will build your confidence and raise your energy.

Elley: Once you got “unstuck” from the $20k months, you had $50k months for a while, and then you doubled and went to $100k months. You’ve technically doubled your income a few times.

Strategy and mindset-wise, what does it actually take to double your income?

Taylor: Every month looks different. But for me, the most important thing was – what number are you confident about?

The process went from saying I was stuck to accepting that I had stabilised there. I had a lot of confidence around $20k instead of ego. Now that I knew I could do $50k in 2 months, I could do it in 1 month. I’d had $50k months in the past, but it would always dip back down because I would push so hard for it. Then, when I got into the next month, I was exhausted.

This time, I started setting energetic goals. I called myself out – if I ever had a client that was at that place, I would have told her that of course, she could do it. It’s all in your head, you’re just getting in your own way and self-sabotaging. I realised I would tell that to someone else, but I wouldn’t do it myself.

I had to focus on my energy and personal goals, and then it came through. Honestly, there weren’t that many strategic changes that came with getting from $20k to $50k, that came more with $100k. The $50k was more energetic – my number one issue was settling, that as long as I hit $20k, I’m okay.

Elley: It’s more about the energy, less about the strategy. You said to get to $100k, it was more about the strategy. Did you continue the same mindset work and continue to expand that?

Taylor: I did it again, but I was more committed this time. I started getting really excited about being my best client, reaching my full potential and really doing the work. I realised I just know too much not to go for it. I know too much about marketing, manifesting, law of attraction, energy and mindset. If I saw anyone else doing $50k back-to-back like that, I would have known they’d have no problem going to $100k, so I had to start being that for myself. I kept saying the same thing I did to get to $50k – that if I can do $100k in 2 months, I can do it in 1 month.

Parkinson’s Law – it basically means things take as much time as you allot for them to take. If you give yourself a week to create a module for your program, it’s going to take a week. If you give yourself an hour, it’s probably going to take an hour. I can relate to that in so many ways and I can relate that to my goal.

$100k started actually feeling kind of scary because that’s a big freaking number! So I started telling myself, I still have pure confidence around $20k, so what if I just keep going for $20k chunks. Instead of a month, I started manifesting $20k every 3 days.

Lean into the numbers that do feel good and that you know you can achieve with ease. For me, it didn’t feel like $100k in a month, it felt more like $50k faster.

Elley: That’s one of my favourite perspective shifts you’ve ever given me. I’m so grateful you shared that. 

So you’re 25, a new mum, and you’re running a 7-figure business. It’s absolutely incredible. What’s it like running such a successful business, supporting all your clients, seeing this amazing growth, but also being a mum?

Taylor: It’s hard. I don’t know how people do it without help. The thing about having a child is that every few months it changes. It’s like you were literally just given a brand new child. 

For me, the biggest thing was going with the flow. Even with help, things happen. You’ll wake up one day and your kid is sick and they need you. I had to create a lot of beliefs around how I achieve my goals and lean into the belief that things don’t have to go perfectly for me to hit my goals. My baby is the perfect baby for me. I’m the perfect mum for her. How much time I have is the perfect amount of time, how much energy I have is the perfect amount of energy. Otherwise, it’s another form of self-sabotage, because I know it’s hard. But do I want it to be hard and for that to mean that it’s going to be too hard to hit my goals? Or will it be hard sometimes *and* I can set my goals. 

You can’t make your baby easier, so I had to make my business easier. 

Elley: As well as hiring help, is there anything that you’ve done strategically that allows you to manage the balance of being a mum, a wife and running the business? 

Taylor: It’s actually been really cool, we have a nanny who’s here for about 20 hours a week. I have set hours that I work – I used to think I could never do that because I have to just go with the flow. But, Parkinson’s Law, things take as long as you give them, and I get everything done in 4 hours a day while the nanny is here. Some days, if she’s here longer, I’m literally sitting there with nothing to do because I’m done with everything. That’s the power of having consistent help. 

In terms of being productive, I really work on catching myself and focusing on loving what I do, working with my clients, my marketing and my mindset work. Everything else truly is extra. 

Elley: Stick to your zone of genius and do what matters and what you love. That’s it.

Taylor: It’s the 80-20 rule. For example, I’ve stopped posting on Facebook because I realised that everything’s coming from Instagram and my email list for me. If I just put all of my efforts there, they’re going to work better. It’s trial and error – never say never, and never say forever. I’m not *quitting* Facebook, I’m just not putting my energy into it right now. The 80-20 rule has really inspired me to do a lot of simplifying. 

Elley: It’s simplifying and focusing your efforts on what matters, what works and what feels good. It’s just taking that into motherhood, as well as being okay with going with the flow and handling whatever happens. 

Are there any beliefs in the coaching industry that you really don’t like and don’t agree with, and what do you believe instead? 

Taylor: I have two. I don’t like pushy sales calls. There’s nothing wrong with a sales call, but I don’t think you should get on a sales call to overcome someone’s objections. I don’t think you should hide your price, take people’s credit card info over the phone, or cold message people, and I don’t think you should follow up constantly. 

I saw someone write about that on Facebook and one of her ending lines was – let’s let grown women make their own decisions. It just made me realise that people are talking to grown-ass women and convincing them to spend $20k and that they’re in fear of it. Of course, they’re in fear of it, you’re being really scary! 

The other thing is that although I love the coaching world and I think there are so many benefits to being a coach, it can be very copy-and-paste and follow-the-leader. So much of what we do is based on what someone else is doing. At the moment, I’m challenging myself to make sure that everything I do, every price, every component of a program, every word I put out is true desire from me. 

I would not be where I am today if there wasn’t a coach that I hired where I just copied the structure of her program because I had no clue what to do. But if you’re making money and you’ve been making money for a while, take your power back. Lean into your intuition. 

Elley: My final question that I love asking all my guests on the podcast is in your opinion, in your experience and your years of coaching, what would you say are 1-2 habits or mindset shifts of an empowered CEO? 

Taylor: Show up bolder. Like we were saying, be your own hype woman. Share your story. Remember who you are and TELL people who you are. 

Stop questioning every single little thing. Don’t take it so seriously. Just create a program that feels easy for you to sell, in a way that feels easy for you to sell it and go for it. 

Take the baby steps. It looks like I move really fast, but we don’t see the baby steps in the beginning when I was charging $7 an hour, working my way up to $12. Then I made a $3k package, then a $10k, a $20k, a $30k. Those felt like baby steps, they just got bigger. 

There’s no shame in the baby step. Stop overcomplicating it, just go. You’re wasting time questioning it and going in circles. 

Elley: The lessons that we’re teaching others are always the lessons that I think we are fully learning and fully integrating ourselves.

You guys, go check Taylor out. She is amazing and her podcast is awesome. Thank you so much for coming on the podcast, I have loved it and I’m so excited for everyone to come and be in your world for a little while.


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Hope you loved the episode and reach out to me on IG if you want to chat about the episode.


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072. Doubling Your Income & Running a 7-Figure Business with Taylor Lee. 072. Doubling Your Income & Running a 7-Figure Business with Taylor Lee