Welcome back to a brand new episode of The Empowered CEO Show! It’s time to go behind the scenes…

Today, I’m sharing my favourite tools that I use to run my six-figure business, in a way that’s easy, flowy and fun. The path of least resistance – that is literally my entire business.

Having these tools in place is truly what has helped me to be able to scale to six-figures, so I’m super excited to share these with you. If you’re thinking about getting more organised and setting up the foundations for your business to grow, then this is the episode for you!


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to follow the path of least resistance
  • Why you need to keep your systems SUPER simple!
  • How to maximise your time and lay the foundations in your business
  • The tools I use in my 6-figure business AND why I can’t live without them


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The Episode Breakdown:

Today, I am taking you behind the scenes and sharing the main tools that I use to run my 6-figure business. 

As you guys know, I’m all about that path of least resistance. If there’s an easier way to do something, I’m gonna do it!

My style is easy, flowy and fun, and simple and convenient. 

I’m super excited because I’m going to share with you all of the main tools that I use to run my 6-figure business this way.

Starting with…. NOTES APP.

The first one I want to start with is so simple, but it’s my secret sauce that I keep in my back pocket – the Notes app on my iPhone! 

I use the Notes app for everything, always have and always will. The best ideas can come at the weirdest times – in bed, the shower, going for a walk or when I’m not even trying to think about business. I don’t tend to carry a pen and paper, but the one thing I carry everywhere I go is my phone. So having the Notes app with all of my ideas is everything to me. When I get ideas, I jot them down straight away. 

If you don’t write down an idea the second that it comes to you, you’re probably going to lose it. So having somewhere like the Notes app to write down those ideas is key, it’s smart preparation. And I think it’s a game-changer when it comes to creating content that is from the heart and soul. Not when you’re forcing yourself to sit down and write content for two hours just because.

My next *must have* tool is LATER.

I use Later to schedule all of my Instagram posts. I just love using Later, I think it’s so easy. I can schedule both Instagram and Facebook, I can post my hashtags, I can geotag, set up auto-post, there are so many different things you can do in there! If you’re someone who struggles with perfectionism (a.k.a. procrastination) the best thing you can do is use auto-post. Obviously, it’s the best because it’s convenient and you don’t have to be sitting there manually putting in extra work, but it’ll also stop you from editing your post over and over…and over. 


My business obsession – GOOGLE DRIVE.

Now, I love all of Google tools, but I really love this tool. I have literally my entire life in Google Drive. 

Let’s rewind – about three or four years ago, I was broken into one night and a lot of things were stolen, including my laptop. Luckily enough, it’s the laptop that I am coming to you from today, so I did get it back! But unfortunately, everything I had saved on the computer hard drive and desktop vanished because they tried to wipe the computer to get into it. The only things that I had saved was everything I had in Google Drive. 

So I’m the biggest fan of having everything saved in Google Drive. Then I have the security of knowing that if my laptop was stolen again or stopped working, or I accidentally spilled my cup of tea on it, I don’t have to panic! It’s all in Google Drive. If you haven’t experienced that feeling, take it from me – you want to have everything backed up. 

I keep my Google Drive super organised with folders and I love sharing this tip with my clients. When you want to choose that path of least resistance and gain ease and flow, the more that you can use tools like Google Drive to organise your business, the bigger a difference it makes.



Let’s keep going down the Google route. I use Google Docs because again, it’s not saved on a computer, it’s all saved in cloud storage! 

I mainly use it for client work. So for example, when you work with me in my 1:1 mentorship, you have your own client folder and after every coaching call, I upload your call recording into that folder, as well as a little Google Doc for your next action steps. So after every call, you know exactly what you need to implement in your business to reach consistent 5-figure months and to stay on track with your mindset. 



This is another Google one that I love using! If you’ve never heard of Google Sheets, it’s the equivalent of Microsoft Excel (well, I think anyway).

These are two of my favourite ways to use Google Sheets:

  1. The Empowered CEO Show Podcast Mastersheet
    This is where I track all of my episode ideas, guests that I would like to interview, and the podcast schedule.
  2. All my $$$
    Business expenses, payment plans, clients, passive income sales – I track every single dollar that comes in and out of my business. Keeping track of all of my finances has helped me so much. I truly do think it’s a great trait to have especially if your goal is to have consistent 5-figure months and 6-figure years.

The more that you focus on something, the more it’s going to grow. Where focus goes, energy flows. 

This is a resource I give to all of my private clients. So again, if you work with me 1:1, I will literally give you this spreadsheet, where you can go in and adjust it for your own business. Seeing your income go up every month, especially when your goal is to hit consistent 5-figure months, is REALLY cool. 


Google Calendar

I have talked about this before but I love Google Calendar. I use it to track every single meeting, client call and podcast interview. I basically just use my Google Calendar to organise my entire life! I don’t like relying on my brain for memory because that’s just ridiculous! I’m just not going to remember everything – so I rely on Google Calendar and I love it SO much.

My favourite thing about Google calendar is that you can create categories and colour coordinate your calendar bookings. So not only does it look pretty in your calendar but it’s actually organised. I have it so colour coordinated, that now if I look at my calendar, I can immediately tell what the appointment is without having to actually read it. Is it a client call? Mastermind call? Something personal? As my business has grown, having everything organised, categorised and colour-coded just makes the biggest difference.


The last tool in the Google category is… *drumroll* GMAIL!

One of the things that I love the most about Gmail is my autoresponder email. It’s there 24-hours a day, seven days a week. I get hundreds of emails every week, and if I was to sit and reply to them all, I wouldn’t be able to work 20-hours a week – I would be working 40-50 hours! 

It’s really about me valuing my time.

To give my clients a good experience, I need to make sure that I’m spending my time in the right places, like growing my business and helping my clients have a better experience working with me as well. My autoresponder is my holy grail and I highly recommend it if you get common enquiries, which will save you spending multiple hours a day in your inbox.

Just like my Google Drive, I love having everything super organised in there, using folders, filters and tags. It just makes things so much easier to manage.


The tool I could not live without – ASANA

I use Asana for a lot of things in my business. But I want to share with you just the three main things.

My Weekly/Daily To-do List
This is where I keep all of my tasks for the week ahead. So on a Sunday night, I’ll jump into my Asana board and add in all of my appointments, tasks and content creation for the week, planned out from Monday to Friday. And if the tasks don’t get done on a Tuesday, I can just move them to Wednesday. I like the customisation of it, it’s great for my perfectionism for having my to-do list neat and tidy!

(If you are interested in getting an understanding of what I do each day from Monday to Thursday, I actually have a whole podcast episode on this! It’s Episode 44, and it’s how I structure my weeks to have consistent 5-figure months.)

My Podcast Workflow
This is where I have the entire workflow of the podcast (go figure!), shared with my assistant. All of the episodes from solo episodes to guest interviews, episode names, numbers, show notes – everything from the podcast goes inside this workflow. So streamlined, simple and convenient – I love it! If you’re thinking about bringing on team members, having a workflow board like that is absolutely golden.

My Assistant Tasks
This board is a hub of all the tasks that I get my lovely assistant to do. We have this board for everyday admin, social media marketing, email and anything else that she helps with in the business outside of the podcast workflow tasks.

It’s all super simple, which (like I’ve said a bajillion times) is how I like everything in my business. Simple and organised. Honestly, the best way to do it! 


Last but not least – DUBSADO.

I use Dubsado mostly for my client onboarding. I’m the biggest fan of having that process of onboarding your clients as streamlined and efficient as possible from as early on in your business as you possibly can. It just saves you so much time and stress in the long run, because there’s nothing worse than when your business starts to grow really, really, really quick, and you think, “I don’t have any foundations set and I can’t even manage new leads coming in, let alone the clients that I’ve got!”

That is a super common struggle of my clients when they come to me. So one of the first things we usually do is overhaul their client onboarding to make it super simple and streamlined. 

So let’s say you sign on with me as a client (by the way, I do have a couple of spaces open for this right now with my 1:1 mentorship). You would go to my mentorship sales page (which you can find here). If you scroll to the bottom of that page, there’s an application form, and that’s an embedded form from Dubsado! It allows me to have a better understanding of where you’re at, what your goals are and everything I’ll review for your application. When I send over a contract, it’s a template I have saved in Dubsado that I just edit with your details and any important dates like when we’re first getting started and all that exciting stuff.

I have used Dubsado since pretty much day one of taking my business seriously. I remember back then it was a really big investment but I did it and it’s the best decision I ever made. It’s just such a great tool! 


Now, I have a couple of honourable mentions (I just couldn’t leave this podcast episode without these)

  • Zoom – Client calls, Mastermind calls, team meetings, podcast interviews… everything to do with phone calls or interviews is done through Zoom
  • Canva – Creating graphics and designs
  • Photoshop – Photo editing
  • Keynote – Creating slides for courses and programs
  • Audacity – Recording and editing my podcast episodes (I get asked this ALL the time)
  • Calendly – Scheduling all of my client calls and interviews for the podcast
  • WhatsApp – Private messaging with my clients, Mastermind chats, and communicating with my assistant and team members


So there you have it – they are all of the tools that I use to run my six-figure business! 

I hope that this was helpful! I think it’s a really great resource to come to if you’re ever thinking about getting your business more organised and really starting to get more into that mindset of setting everything up for ease and flow. 

Desiring ease and flow in a business but not having the foundations, not having the tools there, not having the system set up – it’s a recipe for disaster. 

Having these tools in place is truly what has helped me to be able to scale to 6-figures and will help me scale beyond 6-figures! 

Did you love these tools? I have a page on my website with an entire list of every tool I use in my business. If you want to download any of the software or get any of the tools, you can head over there and get anything that I talked about in this podcast episode. If you do, I may make an affiliate commission, so you’re actually helping my business grow. You don’t pay any more, I just get a small affiliate payout for referring you to that tool. So I just want to say a big thank you if you do head over there – it helps me know that what I’m doing is making a difference!

TOOLS, RESOURCES & BOOKS PAGE MENTIONED: ➡️ https://elleymae.com/resources (contains affiliate links)

I love you guys so much, hope you loved it and I will talk to you in the next episode.

If you have any questions or what to chat about the episode, DM me on Instagram!




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