scale your coaching business to 6-figures in 20hrs or less per week, saying "f*ck the rules" & doing it your own way πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

look... you & i both know that you're an incredible coach.

You’ve even got some pretty epic results to show for it (like signing clients into your programs, making thousands every month & delivering massive value online)

But you also know that you’re capable of achieving so much more than thatΒ & on a more regular and CONSISTENT basis (cause sustainability is sexy to you!) πŸ˜‰

You believe in yourself every freakin’ step of the way, and you’re so damn proud of yourself for your resilience, determination & commitment thatΒ you continue to build in your business and life.

And although sometimes you find yourself overthinking the things that you know will get you to your next level in business πŸ‘€ (like raising your rates, tidying up your messaging, filling out your offer suite, cleaning up your boundaries etc)…

You know that now is the time to go ALL IN. You’re ready to hold yourself to a higher standard & start following through on everything you’re currently working on to make your business better support you making the money you want to be making whilst living the life that you KNOW you’re so f*cking capable of πŸ¦„πŸ₯΅πŸ’Έ

and now that you've created some pretty epic results in your business – you're over here kinda like... "what's next?" πŸ˜πŸ‘€

Sound about right?

if so, you're in the *perfect* place.

hollie, private 1:1 client

“I’ve never grown as much as quickly as a business owner as I have working with Elley. She pushed, encouraged, inspired, and empowered me to become the best CEO version of myself that I can be, and to have a heck of a lot of fun while I’m doing it.Β 

If you’re looking for a business coach who genuinely cares, is there for you when you need them, has your back 100% of the time, and wants nothing but the best for you, Elley’s your gal.”

hey, i'm elley & i'm the queen πŸ‘‘ of making 6-figures in a few hours a day, running my business in a way that feels the simplest, most fun & path of least resistance for me

& now I'm gonna help you do the same

πŸ” unlimited 1:1 whatsapp coaching (mon-thu)

You’ll have UNLIMITED voice & text message support with me 24/4 (Mon-Thur). Making sure you have total clarity every single step of the way, I am always there for you, providing strategic & thorough support/coaching/mentorship (plus hands-on feedback on things like your messaging, content, sales pages etc) so you can stay on track & always know what your next step is on the way to $100k.

πŸ’…πŸΌ professional branding for your offers

During your 1:1 coaching with me you’ll also have professional design support for your offers such as vibey program banners & matching Instagram story slides to give your offers different personalities and make selling them feel effortless AF.

πŸ–₯ plus unlimited access to my entire offer suite

You’ll get all of my group programs, courses, masterminds (eee!!), miniminds (eeeeee!!), masterclasses, digital products, design templates, private 1:1 client resources, plus any *new* offers I create during our time together – so like, literally EVERYTHING.

$12K USD in full or $2K x 6 months
$21K USD in full or $1,750 x 12 months


ashley, private 1:1 client

“Whether it was a launch not going to plan, navigating tricky client conversations, or just trying to balance business w/ pregnancy, Elley helped me to stay in my power and create a healthy separation between my personal emotions and my business.

Elley gave powerful copy tweaks AND explained why, which was so helpful and definitely helped me make more sales – including celebrating having a $8,500 cash month happening SO easy & a $4,800 cash day from 3 mastermind clients paying in full in one day!

client results + celebrations πŸš€

lillian, private 1:1 client

“Elley has shown me a way of running my business that’s hustle free and has allowed me to only work 4 days a week and selling no longer feels like a complicated thing I didn’t understand. It’s fun, enjoyable and simple!

I’ve gone from making NOTHING to signing clients easily and effortlessly & I have hit so many milestones with Elley by my side like.. getting some of my first clients, launching my podcast, hitting my first $10k month & having my first 6-figure year etc.”

“Elley makes you feel valued and celebrated, but also lovingly challenges you with important mindset shifts, and brings her own experiences and knowledge to the table to help you refine your ideas.”

Sarah, private 1:1 client

“Elley is an amazing coach who always knew exactly the right questions to ask me to help me uncover the answers I already had within myself.”

Madeline, private 1:1 client

I have made more progress in my life, my business and my mindset in the last 3 months of working with Elley than I’d made in a year or more of trying to push forward on my own.”

– Laura, close proximity client

“My business had just hit new heights [when I started working with Elley] and to have her support to integrate and continue taking my business to the next level was invaluable.

Elley has a gift of simplifying yet giving targeted and powerful guidance that honors who and where you are. I loved our sessions and time together and felt so powerful and equipped after every session.”

minerva, private 1:1 client

amy, close proximity client

“Elley is so supportive, uplifting and honestly just so much fun to be around! She simplifies everything so much so you don’t feel overwhelmed but you’re making huge shifts & changes that transform the way you do business. There is also a really positive, calming energy about Elley which has helped keep me grounded when I get in my head too much.

Most of all, I love her no BS way of telling it like it is – she is not going to dance around a subject. She will get straight to the point and that is exactly what I needed!”

if you've got this far & you know this is for you, fill out the application below ⬇️

Below is the application from for my private 1:1 mentorship, Align to Six-Figures. This is a 6 or 12 month commitment where we dive deep into your business & map out your unique, custom roadmap to hitting six figures WITHOUT hustling your ass off. 

As I only take a couple of private clients at a time, this space is by application only and is reserved for you if you are the kinda person who is 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to scale your biz to it’s next level ($10k months, $100k+ years MINIMUM). You love how I run my business working only 10-15 hours a week (or less), being consistent AF posting on my Instagram and top-rated podcast, making 5-figures CASH every month & still having PLENTY of time to enjoy my life outside of business – hanging with my family, going on baby play dates & playing Hogwarts until my eyeballs pop out of my head.

Creating not just financial freedom, but TIME freedom is a huge priority for you right now & you know that you can’t keep going the way you are, working from sunrise until sunset, always doing SOMETHING in your business, yet never really feeling accomplished despite your lengthy to-do lists. And you already know the power of having a coach who actually GETS YOU, understands you & can help you to get to the $100k milestone waaaay quicker than if you did it alone.  You’re the kinda person who loves getting comfortable being uncomfortable, and you are sooo fkn ready to have bigger & better conversations that will help you see better results faster than ever before.

To apply now, fill out the form below & Elley will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss getting started!Β 

If you have any questions you’d like answered before you apply, please DM them to Elley on Instagram @elleymae