My first year in business I made over $130,000 cash 💸​

I also cracked my first ever 5-figure months (ranging from $13k – $19,000) and worked with clients all over the world & started seeing big shifts not just in MY life, but theirs too.

Less worrying about money. Less anxiety when looking at their bank accounts. Less freaking out when an unexpected bill came in or they wanted to invest in their businesses growth.

Together we re-created their businesses to allow for more financial freedom and more time freedom doing what they love.

6-figures CASH in a year
$10k cash in a MONTH
More time with their family
More FUN in their lives & business
More playfulness around money & being able to invest in sh*t they love without feeling guilty

(just to name a few)


I’m not out here helping my clients to make more money JUST for the sake of making more money (cause what’s the fun in that?!)

✨ It’s to live the life you know you’re capable of living.
✨ It’s to spend freely, without shame or guilt.
✨ It’s to treat your family & friends to the BEST gifts.
✨ To go on vacation without having to look at prices.

To fall even more in love with your business in a HEALTHY way that allows you to make a sh*tload of money, but also LIVE YOUR LIFEEEEEE.

So it’s not just about the money.

It’s not just about the 6-figure years or the $10k months.

It’s not about the money for the sake of the money.

What it IS about is what that money gives to you, how it adds value to your life & allows you to feel so seen, so supported and so RELAXED knowing you’re not only making a difference in other people’s lives – but living yours up at the same time!!

If this resonates with you on a deep level (cause not everyone will get this, I know that).

But if it does, and you know that you're not just here for the short term sh*t but the LONG TERM GROWTH & LIFE CHANGING TRANSFORMATIONS...

I'd be honoured to support you in my private 1:1 mentorship – Align to Six Figures.


  • You know that you are an amazing coach & you have created some pretty cool results to show for it (like signing some clients, hitting $5k-8k months, maybe even a 5-figure month or two!), but know that you are capable of achieving so much more than that, and on a more regular and CONSISTENT basis (sustainability is sexy to you!)
  • You believe in yourself every freakin’ step of the way 💅🏼 Even when you’ve fallen down, you’ve always got yourself back up again & you’re so damn proud of yourself for the resilience, determination & commitment you continue to build in your business and life
  • You sometimes find yourself overthinking the things that you know will get you to your next level (like raising your rates, tidying up your messaging, having better boundaries, etc), and you know that NOW is your time to hold yourself to a higher standard & start following through on these things so you can finally achieve the freedom you so badly crave
  • You know that, despite the fact that you’re overworked & overwhelmed from taking on too many unaligned clients, undercharging yourself and spending so much time working on tasks that definitely aren’t moving your business forward… that it is absolutely possible for you to make more money & support more of your soulmate dream clients whilst working less hours than you currently are
  • And you are SO ready to be fully supported by a mentor who has been where you are, can help you to see things you normally wouldn’t & can hold you accountable to your goals, and you actually doing the things that you know you need to do to have more free time on your calendar & more money in the bank (whether that’s $10k, $20k or $30k+ months!)

Client results + celebrations 🎉💸

the private 1:1 mentorship to scale your business to $100k-$150k cash years & attract dreamy af clients IN just 15 hours a week (or less!)

The details:

  • Unlimited private WhatsApp access where we can chat daily (Mon-Fri) and you will have my coaching, support, feedback & guidance on anything and everything you need as you align to 6-figures (this is where the real magic happens!)
  • Bi-weekly 30-min private 1:1 coaching calls where we’ll strategise the ins & outs of your business and talk through everything from your messaging, to boundaries, raising your rates, attracting aligned clients & more, all to align you to $100k-$150k years
  • VIP access to my entire offer suite including all of my existing and new programs, products, masterclasses and masterminds I run during our time together (currently a $20,000+ value)

The investment:

6 months 1:1 mentorship – $15,000 USD in full or $3,000 per month

12 months 1:1 mentorship – $24,000 USD in full or $2,222 per month


Client results + celebrations 🎉💸

Now is your time to align to six figures

If you are ready to invest & get started, please fill out the form below.

I will then make sure it’s a fully aligned fit for both of us & send you a DM on Instagram within 24 hours with the checkout link & your contract for you to complete, then you’re IN!!