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private 1:1 coaching with elley mae

This is for the woman who is ready to unlock consistent 5-figure months working 20 hours a week (or less!)

I used to crave financial freedom like nothing else.

I wanted, so badly, to be able to say that I was having 5-figure months, running a successful business & genuinely loving my life (and everything in it).

But for a while there, I had absolutely no idea where to even begin, or what creating that kind of financial freedom would require of me…

So I started signing clients who weren’t the perfect fit, resulting in me getting anxiety checking client messages & having to deal with icky situations when boundaries were pushed.

I was also overbooking my calendar & saying yes to things that didn’t light me up, just because I thought that’s what I had to do to hit consistent 5-figure months & become “successful”.

Plus I was working myself so hard into that ground to be continuously growing, achieving & getting shit done that I burnt myself out to the point where I was exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.

Sure, I was still booking clients, I was still having $10k-$15k months (and sometimes days!) & I was still somewhat in control of my business…

But none of it really felt that good. None of it felt truly fulfilling, like I so badly wanted it to.

In fact, I got to the point where I’d pretty much created my worst nightmare…

I had accidentally & unintentionally created a reality where I felt like my business was controlling me, instead of me controlling it.

… Until one day I decided that enough was enough.

No more taking on clients who weren’t the right fit. 

No more hustling or working myself into the ground.

I turned my business upside down until I found what truly felt in total alignment with me & my vision for once.

I went on to become a 6-figure entrepreneur at just 24 years of age, doing what felt truly aligned for me.

And nowadays, business is a whole lot more expansive, abundant & way more fun that it was in the beginning.

I’m talking about how I’m booking clients (at up to a $20k investment) who know, hands down, that I’m the perfect coach for them, without a single doubt in their mind. They’re inspired, empowered & ready to take massive action.

I’m talking about how I literally cut my work hours by more than half & started working only just 20 hours or less per week! That’s less time hustling in my business and more time working on it (& wandering the garden and cuddling my puppies of course!)

I’m talking about having consistent $20k cash months, $50k launches, $14k cash days & achieving total financial freedom, by selling with soul, heart and integrity. No feeling out of alignment, no icky vibes anymore… just pure selling & serving my audience.

And now, after mastering the strategy, the mindset & the energy that it takes to achieve total financial & time freedom...

I'm holding space for just two women who are ready to unlock true alignment & create massive wealth in their business, with me by their side, every step of the way.

I'll jump straight to the point

Alignment Unlocked is for you if...

Alignment Unlocked

6 months of all-inclusive Private 1:1 Coaching with Elley Mae

What's included in your VIP experience:

5-Figure Month Strategy Session

In this 90-min call, we’ll create your feel good strategy (+ CEO mindset!) for you to start having simple, consistent & fun 5-figure months with ease ($1,600 value)

Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Held on Zoom, your 45-min calls are where we’ll talk strategy and mindset (+ anything else you desire!) You’ll also get a recording & action steps so you always have total clarity on your next steps ($10,000 value)

Unlimited Private Messaging

Between your calls you’ll have daily support, feedback & guidance in our 1:1 WhatsApp chat. Plus, I’m always there to give feedback on sales pages, content etc ($14,000 value)

Access to My Shop

Including all of my existing & new digital products available during our time together like my journalling prompts, meditations, client onboarding swipe files etc ($1,200 value)

Lifetime Access to The 6-Figure CEO

Get access to my signature course including 6 in-depth modules on sales strategies, booking clients, money mindset, growing your audience, magnetic content & more ($1,500 value)


Bonus: The Flow Mastermind

Be a part of my high-level, intimate group mastermind for the duration of your private coaching, including bi-weekly group calls & our high-vibe group chat in WhatsApp. Begins March 2021 ($10,000 value)

Your private coaching investment:

$3,500 AUD x 6 monthly payments or $20,000 AUD when you pay in full

12 months private coaching rates available on request

You heard it here first

Love letters from my clients...

I have made more progress in my life, my business and my mindset in the last 3 months of working with Elley than I’d made in a year or more of trying to push forward on my own. 

The WhatsApp access was so valuable for me – Elley would always come back with something insightful and helpful that genuinely helped me make tough decisions and get past my own mindset roadblocks.

I now have more confidence and convinction of my actions, plus trust in myself and in the universe that the energy I put out there is what I’ll get back.”

Since working with Elley, Laura has raised her rates, booked 2 new dream clients (at her new rate!) & launched 2 brand new offers that are in total alignment with her vision and values!

laura, website designer & copywriter

and we can't forget about

My clients incredible results...

Consistent 5-figure months on repeat

Signing high ticket clients that love their vibe

Earning 6-figures, without obsessing over it

Feeling 10 x more confident with selling

Being featured on podcast & articles worldwide

Having multiple 5-figure launches (working 2hr days!)

Creating simple $20k – $40k months

Fully booking services for months in advance

Selling out group programs & masterminds in days

(And so much more)

… All whilst working less hours than ever before!

Elley has pushed, encouraged, inspired, and empowered me to become the best CEO version of myself that I can be, and to have a heck of a lot of fun while I’m doing it. 

I’ve never grown as much or as quickly as a business owner as I have working with Elley. 

If you’re looking for a business coach who genuinely cares, is there for you when you need them, has your back 100% of the time, and wants nothing but the best for you, Elley’s your gal. The experience is so chill, fun, and friendly, while being powerful, transformative, and biz-changing.

I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am now without Elley’s support, guidance, and help, and I couldn’t recommend working with her enough!”


hollie, brand coach for creatives

Let me be honest with you...

I know what it’s like to invest at a high level.

I’ve spent high 5 figures on coaches, mentors & masterminds in the last 2 years. And I know all too well about the nerves, the excitement & the whirlwind of emotions that show up out of nowhere.

I mean, think about it…

You’re about to take a huge, exciting step in creating your dream business & dream life – it’s no wonder you can’t sit still.

And whilst the emotions can show up & your ego will try to throw every limiting belief it can at you about why “you’re just not there yet” or “the timing is off”…

It’s what action you take next that determines your results in business, in life, in your relationships, your finances & so on.

It’s the power of confidence & conviction.

It’s the power of truly believing in yourself (not just saying it).

It’s the power of going all in on your desires, no matter who or what shows up to try and stop you.

And when you know, you know.

(Especially if this isn’t the first time you’ve visited this page).

make this the last time you visit this page

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Elley is an amazing coach & holds me to a high standard. She gives me both the mindset and business tools I need to achieve my goals in the most loving way ever!

She creates such a supporting & nurturing environment and really encourages you to trust your[self] whilst still arming you with a whole lot of knowledge!”

Since working with Elley, Lillian has gone from $0-$10k months, no longer worries about money, is working with her soulmate clients & is on track for 6-figures this year!

Lillian, website designer & mentor

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