private 1:1 mentorship with elley mae

I remember feeling like I was so close to my next level in business.

But I knew that the way I’d been running my business in the past just wasn’t aligned with me anymore.

The doubting, the worrying, the shame I’d been holding around “not being there yet” when it came to my business (ie income goals etc) just had to go.

None of it was serving me.

And deep down, I knew that I was made for more.

In that moment, I remember decided that no longer would I run my business from a place of doubt, shame or worry, where I gave my power away to anyone anymore.

I remember deciding that no longer would I do the things that I hated doing – like spending hours on sales calls every week, handling money objections or conviving people why they needed me etc.

And I remember deciding that no longer would I hold back from sharing my truth, allowing myself to be truly seen or let my potential pass me by for another second.

I decided that I was going to my next level in my business, my life & my finances, one way or another. And the right time to do it was now.

So I let go of the unaligned clients who weren’t the right fit.

I stopped overbooking my calendar with the things I hated doing.

And I created a new way of running my business that felt so easy, so effortless & so aligned, that all of a sudden, I’d achieved one of my greatest desires where work didn’t feel like “work” anymore.

What happened next blew my mind...

I began having consistent $10k cash months, then $12k, then $17k, then $23k cash months.

The money was flowing faster & better than ever before.

I started receiving applications for my 5-figure programs from my soul aligned dream clients who knew, without a doubt in their minds, that I was 100% the coach for them.

The clients were flowing faster & better than ever before.

And I started loving every single part of my business more than I could even put into words – from creating content, to showing up, to supporting my clients & more.

It became clear to me during that time that everything I desired in my business was finally here.

The soul aligned dream clients, the $15k-20k cash months & time freedom was finally here.

And I had reached my next level in business.

now, after mastering the mindset, energy & strategy it takes to achieve it all...

I'm holding space for two women who know that they are ready to unlock total financial & time freedom with ease, flow & alignment, right here, right now.

This 1:1 mentorship is for you if...

The 4 or 8 month 1:1 mentorship to unlock total financial & time freedom with ease, flow & alignment

The Details:

Bi-weekly 45-min private coaching calls – where we’ll talk mindset, energy & strategy to keep you on track with your goals and anything that comes up along the way that you’d like my support with

Unlimited access between calls – via WhatsApp, where you can chat with me daily (M-F) for coaching, support, feedback & guidance on absolutely anything you need for you to be continually growing & feeling empowered, every step of the way

BONUS: Unlimited access to everything I offer – all of my existing (+ new!) courses, workshops, private client resources and my high-level mastermind – a $20,000+ value alone

The Investment:

4 Months: $4,000 USD per month
or pay in full discount ($14K USD in full)

8 Months: $3,555 USD per month
or pay in full discount ($24K USD in full)

Elley is an amazing coach & holds me to a high standard. She challenges you to do the things that have been in the back of your mind & she approaches her coaching with the perfect balance of support and tough love.

With Elley by my side, I have hit some crazy big goals that I thought I was years away from, like… I have hit 6-figures in my business, launched passive products and most importantly, created a business that I deeply love.

If you need someone to light a fire under your ass so that you can hit your income goals while working less… Elley is your gal!

– Lillian, Brand & Web Designer

I’ve never grown as much as quickly as a business owner as I have working with Elley.

I ALWAYS feel inspired and motivated after our calls and if I was feeling average before I jumped on, that’s always turned around by the end of our conversation.

Elley has pushed, encouraged, inspired, and empowered me to become the best CEO version of myself that I can be, and to have a heck of a lot of fun while I’m doing it. 

If you’re looking for a business coach who genuinely cares, is there for you when you need them, has your back 100% of the time, and wants nothing but the best for you, Elley’s your gal.

– Hollie, Branding Coach

I have made more progress in my life, my business and my mindset in the last 3 months of working with Elley than I’d made in a year or more of trying to push forward on my own. 

The WhatsApp access was so valuable for me – Elley would always come back with something insightful and helpful that genuinely helped me make tough decisions and get past my own mindset roadblocks.

I now have more confidence and conviction of my actions, plus trust in myself and in the universe that the energy I put out there is what I’ll get back.

– Laura, Web Designer & Copywriter

One last thing...

If you’re anything like me, you’ll already know the power of investing in yourself, investing in your growth & investing in support as you rise up in business.

In the last 2 years, I have spent high 5 figures investing in my business ($37,777 of that into 1:1 coaching & high-level masterminds in the last 8 months alone)

Having high-level support from mentors who I know can hold me to a high standard has always been & will always be a priority for me.

I believe that part of the transformation is in the investment. I believe that as my mentors grow, I grow. And I believe that being in close proximity with mentors who expand my mindset creates a flow on effect, that benefits me and my clients.

I only take 3-5 women at a time in this high-level, private coaching experience.

Enrollment for two spots are open & we begin NOW.

These are the final two spots until the investment increases significantly.

So if you feel the pull, you know you’re ready for your next step & you feel that “holy shit this is crazy but I KNOW this is the right move” expansive feeling…

Scroll down to apply.

I cannot wait to celebrate you! xx

The Application

this application is reserved for those who know that they are 100% ready to invest & get started working 1:1 with elley, right now

Elley doesn’t do sales calls, so if you have any questions before you apply, please DM Elley on Instagram (@elleymae) and she will be happy to chat with you.

Fill out the below application form in depth & Elley will be in touch via Instagram direct message with your next steps to get started.