Ready to align your business to 6-figures & attract more next level clients in 15 hours a week (or less)?

This is where we do it.

Freedom is my number one value

And honestly, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it my reality.

I remember, when I first started my business, telling the people closest to me that I was going for 6-figures in my first 12 months of business & them looking at me like I was craaazzzyyy.

(The same thing happened when I said I was going for $10k-$20k months shortly thereafter.)

I could sense their doubt & uncertainty from a mile away.

Yet regardless of what they thought, said or told me about what I could or couldn’t do… I KNEW deep down that I was worthy AND capable of achieving it all, so I went on to tick both of those things off my vision board anyway (and in record time, lol)

But the truth is… I did the work to make it happen.

I put myself out there, I showed up when I didn’t feel like an expert yet, I made big moves in my business, I invested in my mindset, I invested in my strategy, I did things that scared the crap out of me, and I was WILLING to get uncomfortable & to continue to take risks over and over again, just so I could build the freedom I KNEW I was capable of creating.

Cause deep down, I knew that although I was going to have to “do the work” & push myself in new ways I’ve never pushed myself before, it would be SOOOO worth it (and it was/still is).

I went on to make 6-figures ($130k+) in my first year of business, and every year since.

I hit my first $10k month (well technically $13,288) just a few months after becoming a coach.

I’ve had $50k launches, $29,000 payment notifications & tonnes multiple 5-figure months ($10k, $20k, $30k+) all within the first few years of my business.

And whilst I’m proud of everything I have achieved & I absolutely love being able to live my life not having to worry about money, panic when the bills come in or go without hiring the support or mentors I desire as I scale my business…

I’m honestly most proud of the fact that I have created so much financial and time freedom from years of commitment & intentionality in the way I structure (and run) my business…

Not from a place of hustle… Not from a never ending cycle of burn out… Not from a place where I had to sacrifice my health, happiness or quality time with the people I love most…

I've created this *incredible* level of freedom whilst working on average 15ish hours a week, running my business in a way that feels so natural & authentic to me (probably whilst hanging in my garden or playing Animal Crossing lol)

... and now it's your turn.

Align to Six Figures is perfect for you if...

  • You know that you are an amazing coach & you have created some pretty cool results to show for it (like signing some clients, hitting $5kish months, maybe even a 5-figure month or two!), but know that you are capable of achieving so much more than that, and on a more regular and consistent basis
  • You believe in yourself every step of the way – even when you’ve fallen down, you’ve always gotten back up again & you’re so proud of yourself for the resilience, determination & commitment you continue to build in your business and life

  • You sometimes find yourself overthinking the things that you know will get you to your next level (like raising your rates, tidying up your messaging, having better boundaries, etc), and you know that NOW is your time to hold yourself to a higher standard & start following through on these things so you can finally achieve the freedom you so badly crave
  • You know that, despite the fact that you’re overworked & overwhelmed from taking on too many unaligned clients, undercharging yourself and spending so much time working on tasks that definitely aren’t moving your business forward… that it is absolutely possible for you to make more money & support more of your soulmate dream clients whilst working less hours than you currently are
  • And you are SO ready to be fully supported by a mentor who has been where you are, can help you to see things you normally wouldn’t & can hold you accountable to your goals, and you actually doing the things that you know you need to do to have more free time on your calendar & more money in the bank!

on the other hand...

Align to Six Figures is not for you if...

  • You don’t want to prioritise content or selling – straight up, this isn’t the right fit for you (selling & content are KEY to growing your business, so if this isn’t a priority for you, my private 1:1 coaching isn’t gonna work for either of us)

  • You need hand-holding & have to check in with me before making any decisions in your business. Look, I’m here to support you with all the things EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, (and I want to!) but I am not here for creating co-dependancy. You have to be self-sufficient, self-led & willing to do the things WITHOUT my validation first.

  • You aren’t willing to put in the groundwork and actively show up, create content, sell your offers & MAKE MOVES in your business (you just want to work less & earn more without having to actually take action & CREATE more ease and freedom)

The private 1:1 mentorship to align your business to six figures & attract more next level clients in 15 hours a week (or less!)

The details:

  • Unlimited private WhatsApp access where we will chat daily (Mon-Fri) and you will have my coaching, support, feedback & guidance on anything and everything you need as you align to 6-figures (this is where the real magic happens!)
  • 2, 30-min private 1:1 coaching calls every month where we’ll strategise the ins & outs of your business and talk through everything from your messaging, to boundaries, raising your rates, attracting aligned clients & more, all to align you to $100k-$150k years
  • Bonus access to my entire offer suite including all of my existing and new programs, products, masterclasses & masterminds I run during our time together ($18,000+ value)

Your investment:

6 months 1:1 mentorship – $15k in full or $3k per month
12 months 1:1 mentorship – $24k in full or $2,222 per month


This 1:1 mentorship is a vortex for next level celebrations & life-long transformations

You & I will work together (as partners!) to make sure every aspect of your business not only supports you in scaling to 6-figures in 15 hours a week or less, but making sure you do it in a way that actually feels good and aligned to you!!

This includes things like…

  • Raising your rates with confidence & conviction

  • Creating your irresistible offer suite of low-to-high-ticket coaching programs (including things like 1:1, masterminds, programs etc!)

  • Refining your messaging to start attracting more aligned, empowered clients who actually want to do the work & are OBSESSED with having you as their coach

  • Selling your offers in a way that feels aligned & way more natural to you (no sales calls, handling money objections or unaligned strategies required!)

  • Creating better boundaries in your business and life that support you being able to finally have way more free time on your calendar

  • Being crystal clear on exactly what tasks you need to be prioritising to move your business forward & make it money, no matter how much you are (or aren’t!) working

  • … plus anything else that comes up along the way!

Now is your time to align to six figures

If you are ready to invest & get started right away, fill out the form below to tell me all about your business, goals & vision!

I will then make sure it’s a fully aligned fit for both of us & send you a DM on Instagram within 24 hours with the checkout link & your contract for you to complete, then you’re in!!

You’ll get a welcome packet, instant access to all my programs, a link to book your first call on the calendar & we’ll start chatting in WhatsApp right away!! Eeeeee!!!

If you are ready to invest & get started right away, here’s what to do next so we can get started… Eeee!!

1. Click the button below to DM me on Instagram 

2. We will have a quick conversation back & forth to make sure it’s an aligned fit for the both of us!

3. If it IS an aligned fit, I will send you the checkout link & your contract for you to complete within 24 hours to claim your spot in this 1:1 mentorship.

4. Once you’re in, you will receive a voice note from me (probably screaming & telling you how excited I am to have you!) and I’ll email you over a welcome packet – this has links to ALL of my offers so you can dive in *right away* (you get all of these for free/included in your 1:1 mentorship), plus a link for you to book your first call onto the calendar! Woop woop!

5. Lastly, but most importantly, I’ll add you on WhatsApp. We’ll start chatting. And you will have officially just begun the best, most NEXT LEVEL six months of your entire business (and lifeeeeeee!!)