who are ready to grow an authentic following (aka tribe of DIE HARD FANS), rock social media  create a killer personal brand!

Tell me girl, does this sound like you?

You're sick of struggling to understand the Instagram algorithm.

You're tired of feeling like a fraud with less-than-professional photos representing your brand.

You're fed up with having to spend an hour every. single. day. manually pinning on Pinterest.

Plus, you actually have no idea what Pinterest is even doing for your business!

But imagine if instead of #struggling you could have...

Total control of your social media & complete confidence in your entire strategy.

More Saturday mornings spent on the couch Netflix-and-chilling, instead of hustling for your biz.

A pro-photographer with 9+ years experience taking your brand to the next level visually.

Oh, and you've unlocked the secret to Pinterest.

Hey girl, I'm Elley.

and I'm hella excited that you're ready to dive in the deep end & take your social media and photography to the NEXT LEVEL!

After 9+ years of running my own businesses, I've learnt a trick or two about growing an authentic following (aka tribe of DIE HARD FANS) on social media using professional photography to rock your personal branding!

And now is your time to shine... By working with me!

Here's where I step in...

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Elley Mae - Social Media Manager & Brand Photographer | Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Instagram Manager, Instagram Audit, Instagram Makeover, Pinterest Manager, Pinterest Management, Pinterest Makeover, Pinterest Setup, Social Media Services


Elley Mae - Social Media Manager & Brand Photographer | Professional Photographer, Photography for Creatives, Creative Photography, Brand Photography, Australian Photographer, Custom Photos, Custom Photography, Product Photography, Styled Stock Photos, Styled Stock Photography


I also offer 1:1 strategy sessions to a few ladies each month.

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You heard it here first.

I now have more time available to do the things I love and that will move my business forward.

Before working with Elley, I was trying to plan my new Instagram feed and was SO frustrated. I was sick of using the same stock photos that 50% of other female entrepreneurs are using, but I knew I didn’t have the skills to take custom photos on my own. Now I’m actually excited to plan my Instagram feed!

KRISTA DICKSON  //  Manifestation Mentor & Mindset Coach

I feel so confident and powerful after learning from Elley! She has that contagious BFF feeling about her.

Before working with Elley, I was scared about what it took to get on any social platform. I was unsure how to go about getting traffic to my website & keeping up with the demand for posting. She made me feel like I can totally rock out Instagram & push my Pinterest to new levels beyond just my daily personal usage!

KIMMIE YOUNG  //  Life Coach & Empowerment Speaker

The best part about working with Elley is, whenever I place a new stock photo, I never find myself pausing to wonder if I can find something better, because what I have is so perfect.

But, before hiring Elley, I spent hours – DAYS, if you add it all up – scouring the internet for stock photos that matched my brand and personality perfectly. I also spent I-don't-know-how-many hundreds of dollars on memberships, bundles etc. that I crossed my fingers would give me the look I wanted. (Spoiler alert: They didn't.) 

ALYSHA DEMARSH  //  Graphic Designer & Content Strategist

Let me help you achieve total confidence online & offline.

A's to your Q's!

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Are you able to take photos of my products? How does that work?

What about if I don't have products for the photos?

For Instagram, do you write the captions or do I?

How will you capture my brand voice & values?

Do you provide the photos for Instagram or do I?

What Pinterest tool do you use?

How do you post to my Instagram account?

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Fill out the form below with your information and the service you're interested in, and I'll get back to you within 2 business days.

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