When I first decided I was going to make 6-figures in my first year of business, everyone look at my like I was mad & told me it was impossible.

Thank god I never listened to them ✌️


Instead, I chose to be the woman who went for it anyway.

Because despite all signs pointing to “not possible”, I KNEW IN MY HEART it was meant to be,

and I knew that I was going to have a 6-figure business no matter what anyone else said, thought or told me.

That year I joined my first mastermind & surrounded myself with a group of women who, just like me, were willing to do what others hadn’t done before & GO where others hadn’t gone before.

That mastermind changed EVERYTHING for me.

The conversations took me deeper and HIGHER than I’d ever been before.

I felt more seen, heard & understood than I’d ever felt before.

And I finally felt like I was safe to be myself, share my wins unapologetically & be supported through every single step of my journey to creating a 6-figure business by women who GOT ME 🙏

This is what Six-Figure Flow is all about.

Bigger dreams. 

Better conversations. 

BOLDER women..

All coming together in an intimate, supportive & expansive AF space to soar to $100k-$150k years, TOGETHER 😮‍💨🔥

This is about you getting in the room.

Getting in the room with people who EXPAND you, push you and motivate you to choose, every single day, to step into the role of CEO in your business, where YOU have the final say.

Getting in the room where the conversations are DIFFERENT & where the type of things you talk about make you feel more seen, heard & supported than you’ve ever felt IN YOUR LIFE.

Getting in the room where you’re reminded that your goals in business AREN’T insane & that you AREN’T delusional for aiming so high, but that you are EXTRAORDINARY and that everything you desire is so damn possible for you.

This is you getting in the room to play bigger – to have better conversations, to go deeper and higher than you ever could have expected, and to exceed ALL of your expectations in business (+ life), with the most incredible group of humans by your side every step of the way.

The results my clients get 🍾

(aka what you could see + experience yourself inside the Six-Figure Flow mastermind. Eeee!!)

Introducing Six-Figure Flow ✨

This is the closest & BEST way to work with me outside of my private 1:1 mentorship (that is a $15,000-$24,000 USD investment).

We go high. 

We go low.

We talk strategy. 


This isn’t just “how to make 6-figures”. 

This is the HOW, the WHY, the WHAT, the WHO you need to become & the DEEP conversations about how to not only create financial freedom (in a way that truly actually feels JUICY AF for youuuu!!) but how to set up and run your business to be able to sustain it.

… your way of course 😌

20 On The Rise

The details:

  • Unlimited, daily access to our group chat on WhatsApp where you can tap in daily for coaching, guidance, mentorship & support on everything you need as you scale to $100k years (I’m in here Mon-Fri, plus your mastermind sisters daily!)
  • Two monthly mastermind calls on Zoom where you’ll have hot seat 1:1 coaching with me on your business & learn from others questions (my fave part of these calls!!)
  • Monthly 30-min 1:1 call with Elley to have each month, so you can go in depth one-on-one with Elley on ANYTHING you need
  • VIP access to all of my masterclasses & digital products including all existing & new ones I create during your 6 months in the mastermind

The investment:

Pay in full: $8,000 USD (PIF discount!)
Payment plan: 6 monthly payments of $1.5k USD
Extended p/plan: 12 monthly payments of $777 USD

How the mastermind works:

Six-Figure Flow is a 6 month mastermind with the option to continue after that.

We're currently enrolling for the next cohort to begin in Q3/Q4 of 2023 (when Elley is back from maternity leave!)

Spaces are very limited in the mastermind to keep the group intimate & so that you get the most personalised, hands on support and mentorship from Elley.

The results my clients get 🍾

(aka what you could see + experience yourself inside the Six-Figure Flow mastermind. Eeee!!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Click a question below to view the answer (or message Elley on Instagram @elleymae if you have a question that’s not answered here!)

A lot 🥰 Whilst the mastermind is a group space, I am a very hands-on mentor & am here to support you through anything and everything you need, as it comes up. You will never feel lost in the crowd or just like another number because I want to get to know you, your business, your life & GET MY HANDS DIRTY helping you with all. the. things.

Logistically speaking… You have 1:1 hot seat coaching on our group calls, daily unlimited support from me in our group chat on WhatsApp (I check in here daily, Mon-Fri & always respond to every message!), plus you have a monthly 30-minute 1:1 call with me too 🥳✌️

Not at all! 🥳 Coaches, consultants & service providers are all welcome in the mastermind.

So whether you’re a business coach, mindset coach, social media manager, photographer, virtual assistant, graphic designer or something else entirely (within the coaching or service based industry), then you’ll fit right in 😍🙏

Six-Figure Flow is traditionally a rolling mastermind, meaning that you can technically join anytime – as long as spots are available at that time – for a minimum commitment of 6 months, with the option to continue after that!

However we will be running a 3 month version of the mastermind from March – June 2023 & are enrolling spaces in this cohort NOW 🔥

I keep my masterminds intimate AF so you get sh*tloads of mentorship, coaching, support & guidance in this space (like my eyes on your business, my feedback on your things, personalised to YOU) 🤩 For that reason, the mastermind will be capped.

One of the main reasons why there is an application for the mastermind is so that I can make sure I’m bringing the most aligned group of women into this space who are all on the same journey, and at similar stages of that journey.

In saying that, whether you’re making $1,000 per month or $4k or $7k a month – it doesn’t really matter. As long as you aren’t a total newbie & are already creating content, growing your audience, selling your offers and signing some clients, you could be a great fit!

Plus I care more about where you’re GOING than where you’re at right now 🔥 (& everyone in the mastermind is on their way to $100k-$150k years so you know you’ll be a part of an intimate group of women on the same journey as you!)

Ready to step into your six-figure self? 💸

Click the button below to fill out the application form for the mastermind.

Elley will personally review your answers & get back to you via Instagram DM’s within 24 hours with next steps to lock in your spot for our next cohort!

Spots are capped & very limited to keep the mastermind intimate AF 😘