The Email Toolkit for Service Based Biz Owners by Elley Mae

Stop wasting time in your inbox & steal my collection of most-loved email templates to copy-and-paste to your clients to take back time in your business.

The Email Toolkit for Service Based Biz Owners is your one-way ticket to wowing your clients with 12 of my best pre-written canned email templates ready to copy-and-paste into your business.


Are you getting low engagement rates & have awful member retention with your existing membership or need some help creating an AH-MAZING membership from scratch?

This masterclass is going to teach you everything you need to know about creating a high touch membership that will make your members feel welcome, drive more engagement & ultimately keep your members around longer!

We'll be covering: What a high touch membership is, how to make your members feel welcome, keeping member retention high, personalising the member experience, planning out your exact membership feature, and, my favourite tips, tools & resources!