The Email Toolkit for Service Based Biz Owners by Elley Mae

Stop wasting time in your inbox & steal my collection of most-loved email templates to copy-and-paste to your clients to take back time in your business.

The Email Toolkit for Service Based Biz Owners is your one-way ticket to wowing your clients with 12 of my best pre-written canned email templates ready to copy-and-paste into your business.

You bet we’ve got it all.. Here’s what’s inside:
– Thanks for getting in touch
– Sorry – we’re not the right fit
– No, my prices aren’t negotiable
– I’m fully booked out!
– Hello… Are you still there?
– Let’s get this show on the road
– That’s not included in your contract
– Your payment is due, friend
– Um, now it’s overdue… friend
Out of office: I’ll be back
– So you want to cancel?
– I’d love your feedback!

$49.00 AUD