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Hey girl, I'm Elley!

Your resident business & mindset coach, boss lady fempreneur and pep-talk lover.

I'm hella passionate about helping insanely talented biz ladies (like you!) to stop conforming to the status quo & actually pursue what sets you on fire!

My mission in life is to inspire you to just GO FOR IT, to be so unapologetically you & create a life where not only are you full-time in your *dream* business, but lit up, every god damn day!

It's time to ditch the status quo & stop wasting your talents in a day job where you're overworked & underpaid.

Now is your time to rise up as a strong, fearless & empowered CEO in both your business *and* your life.

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The Empowered CEO Show is *the* podcast for goal-getting fempreneurs who, like you, are ready to feel empowered in their businesses EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 

You'll get weekly doses of ass-kicking love & motivation to inspire you to create a thriving business & become an empowered CEO in not only your business, but in your life too!

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Unleash Your Inner CEO is my next-level, 6 month mentorship, perfect for the female entrepreneur ready to become the CEO in her life & business.

Go full-time in a business that funds your bank account and your passion & spend the next 12 months with your badass business soul sisters, who are as relentless as you are about becoming self-employed!

The Becoming Boss Society is my high-vibe tribe for side-hustlers. Inside you'll learn the *exact* strategies & mindset you need to go full-time.

It's time to step up & become the CEO that's inside of you. Spend the next 3 months working on your business & creating the freedom lifestyle you've been dreaming about for years!

The Empowered Entrepreneur Mastermind is my high-level group program, perfect for the determined female entrepreneur who's ready to grow & scale her business.

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